Zhou Hongyi This Internet Conference propaganda Lei Jun and then sleep, sleep on your shoulder bloxorz

Zhou Hongyi: This Internet Conference propaganda Lei Jun and then sleep, sleep on your shoulder Sina Technology Helen Wang Xiaolu this year’s World Internet Conference began, Chinese Internet bigwigs gathered again. In addition to serious and serious lectures, the conference also has these humorous little things. Just arrived in Wuzhen, the most correct posture is what? Ma bought a piece of cake will win, Ding Lei to find the toilet, according to media reports, Ma appeared in Wuzhen alley. He asked his entourage to buy some wins the cake, then got into the B & B 18 Jincheng bank private dinner. Around 9:30 at night, the moonlight is beautiful, Ding Lei arrived in Wuzhen. Still a sweatshirt, jeans, with a signature smile. Then he was a large number of reporters surrounded by a security guard "hired" Ding Lei successful encirclement, toward the toilet. "Bring your own pork this year?" "Ding boss, did you have dinner? About people?" Reporters have asked. Ding Lei only smiled but did not reply, sitting in the car ferry in a hurry to leave. What do you wear at the convention? Ma Yunliang black jacket Qiangjing, red leader Mao handsome. It is said that Zhang Zhaoyang’s unusually unique clothes, dancing above there is a hole in her…… Why are you always next to me? Last year, because of a photo and the popularity of Lei Zhou CP, this year and sat together. From last year I watched you sleeping quietly this year we smile tenderness, the picture is very harmonious. Zhou Hongyi said this, and Lei Jun sit together is arranged by the organizers, "just met Lei told me that this can not sleep. I just said it’s time to sleep on your shoulder." According to the outflow of photos in the morning, the two people talk about Huan huan. Users have a message, said: "this CP I stand!" This song lyrics of sina technology, please consciously with "to accompany you to see the meteor shower" the rhythm of singing. Internet Conference last year sleep I moved behind you watching you sleep and not far away from the red I accompany you to sit next to the weight of the dream all give me your hand with me and how you have the Red Sea mobile phone never lost direction in the Internet Conference in Wuzhen to meet you in my sleep I believe you should shoulder eyes only stay in your face and you will see happiness相关的主题文章: