Yellen worry about the economic risk of the financial market turmoil, gold more easily re Senji-running man 20130908

Yellen worry about the economic risk of the financial market turmoil, gold more easily re Senji Huitong network February 11th hearing – Thursday (February 11th) the price of gold rose more than 1% hit eight and a half high, after the U.S. Federal Reserve Board (FED) chairman Yellen stressed that the United States will gradually raise interest rates, coupled with the recent European banking crisis continues, and the global stock market crash risk aversion continues to heat up. The Federal Reserve (FED) chairman Yellen said Wednesday in the U.S. Congress, the Fed is unlikely to raise interest rates further this reversal in the plan, but the credit market tightening, financial market turmoil and China economic growth remains uncertain, bring risks to the U.S. economy. The slowdown in the interest rate hike may also help to boost gold prices and reduce the opportunity cost of holding gold. Following Wednesday London gold spot $1200 ounce integer mark down under strong finishing, after the rally ready, gold prices stabilized gradually picked up. Thursday (February 11th) Asian session London spot gold price that is darling pulled straight, did not encounter any resistance that once again break through $1200 an ounce mark integer, display of multi side absolute advantage. In the Asian session, London gold spot traded near $1209.28 ounce. (pictured here is the golden day price chart in London, the figure is the time of the eastern United States, the picture comes from Peng Bo) 9:40 Beijing time, London gold is now trading at 1209.28 U.S. dollars ounce, or about 1.01%. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

金融市场动荡耶伦忧经济风险,黄金轻松再越千二   汇通网2月11日讯——周四(2月11日)金价攀升逾1%触及八个半月高位,此前美国联邦储备理事会(FED)主席耶伦强调,将逐步调升美国利率,加之最近欧洲银行业危机持续发酵,且全球股市大跌,避险情绪继续升温。   美国联邦储备理事会(FED)主席耶伦周三在美国国会表示,美联储不太可能逆转在今年进一步升息的计划,不过信用市场收紧、金融市场震荡和中国经济增长状况仍不确定,为美国经济带来风险。   升息进程放缓亦可能有助于提振金价,降低持有黄金的机会成本。   继周三伦敦金现货1200美元 盎司整数大关下方强势整理,回落蓄势后,黄金价格企稳逐渐回升。   周四(2月11日)亚洲时段伦敦金现货开盘即气势如虹直线拉升,未遇任何抵抗即再度攻破1200美元 盎司整数大关,显示多方对空方的绝对优势。亚洲时段,伦敦金现货交投于1209.28美元 盎司附近。   (上图为伦敦金现日内价格走势图,图上时间为美国东部时间,图片来源:彭博)   北京时间9:40,伦敦金现交投于1209.28美元 盎司,涨幅约1.01%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: