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Yanlord 4 floor unexpectedly hid such a big Sichuan noodle shop – Sohu and most miss home still sentimentally attached to homeland, the bowl of Sichuan face winter morning from the warm bed in the struggle and the most happiness but a bowl of noodles with hot air blow reeky steaming noodles containing Q bomb Xiliu Xiliu heard it Japanese Udon did well to taste a travel over land and water has always found him in more or less delicious delicacy that the Chili oil and a few grains of sesame, meat until I met him – Sichuan heart magic is located in Yanshikou Yanlord a "plane crazy" stores all this sorry just painted on the dot "Sichuan" heart magic master week old was born in a small family restaurant, love cooking, love in Sichuan, especially love pasta. In the field of cooking in the week, more than 30 years old has burgeoned, see Udon face of Japan was welcome, old week often think: why we can’t do that Sichuan noodles Udon is famous the world? Four years ago, sudden illness, can not help feeling: let the week old to use the most sincere heart and the most pure thought, create a "safe, nutritious, delicious pasta brand". After the disease, the old week immediately engaged in their thoughts, across the country, searching through high-quality raw materials all over the world, through experiment and comparison, the countless times finally, "focus on the surface, poly powder into the magic" magic "Sichuan" heart was born…… ·?? has a | ingenuity, only for a bowl of noodles to eat noodles in · miniko Le, heart, taste and flavor is the most comfortable noodle soup. Week old understands this truth, that "only with healthy eating" the beginning of the heart, to store their pasta gives 4 lives: good, good, good soup, taste good. A good face is fundamental. "Sichuan" magic heart noodles great background: without a drop of water, all green or the whole egg protein, but also the high cost of whey protein and natural plant protein. Listen, it’s healthy, right? In addition, a protein is rich in nutrition, let me this "extra baggage sector representative", is that the whole protein noodles to eat a little fat! Wow ~ lose weight star speed to weeding! [good] "is the right way?. The store is absolutely pure natural green food. Select Australian beef, pork, chicken and natural Cordyceps Jiuzhaigou, Tibetan Pig, mushroom, morel, willow bacteria, there are more than and 60 kinds of spices, seasoning box, sounds like the old week in material is fried chicken heart, is to make a good health and nutrition, Baba palm pie! Good soup, soup, but the soul of a bowl of noodles. "Sichuan heart magic" has two soup, one is twelve natural ingredients cooked soup, such as fresh milk, used to do dishes and seafood braised squid soup bottom; two is chicken with wild Cordyceps ingredients boiled soup, soup for soup dishes. Zhou Lao said the car相关的主题文章: