Xu Ting had to help Chinese medicine therapy bloodletting cupping exposure oboni

Xu Ting had to help Chinese medicine therapy bloodletting cupping exposure Xu Ting who had been treated as drying out, according to Taiwan media reports, the mainland actress Xu Xiaoting (old name: Xu Ting) 7 days because of lymphatic cancer died, at the age of 26, according to her WeChat record that, since the beginning of moving into the new furniture, absorbing excessive formaldehyde lead poisoning the cancer, the fuse; another source pointed out that she doesn’t see Western medicine in cancer, but is trying to help Chinese medicine therapy, cupping, acupuncture treatment, bleeding etc., but the condition did not improve. Xu Ting was released as treatment according to reports, Xu Xiaoting in July after the diagnosis of cancer, to look for western medicine, Chinese medicine turn, even if the family every stop, or do not waver in the micro-blog PO, a back pulling blood pricking blood vessel, abdominal puncture, ten fingers were treated, even if the pain to cry and bite their teeth. Took a while to accept western medicine, her sister at the end of August for the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine criticized the sister is a liar, only to start chemotherapy of cancer after one month treatment period, the delay of gold. For Xu Xiaoting mistakenly believed the pulling blood tank, ten bleeding after the blood stasis detoxification effect, a nickname "bang bang" doctor doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to her current illness can deceive extremely cruel and merciless, cupping treatment of lymphatic cancer, bluntly called drug deposition, but was cut after the subcutaneous vascular injury will only increase the artificial. The disease, Chinese medicine emphasizes not good, should have been receiving Western medicine after chemotherapy, and then seek to assist Chinese medicine recuperation body, also not a pole knocked over all the clarification of traditional Chinese medicine, but that "Xu Xiaoting died of Chinese crooks".相关的主题文章: