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Wisers won the 2016 China award two awards – industry informatization in the new network in the new network on 31 August, recently, by Chinese linuxpilot and China computer industry association, Chinese information technology to promote information development forum jointly organized the eighth session of the summit League Chinese information industry awards and the 2016 China industry in Beijing successfully concluded. In about 800 industry leaders witnessed by Wisers with excellence in all media and business in the field of big data, won the 2016 annual Chinese big data industry leader award "and" 2016 year Chinese big data industry best solution "two heavy industry awards, become the most dazzling star brand. It is reported that China’s industry information award selection activities since 2009, held once a year, is one of the most authoritative industry information industry in China, one of the awards activities. In 2016 eighth Chinese information industry awards "from the beginning of information fusion, innovation by IT first" as the theme, focusing on the current development of information industry hot topic, the development trend of the information industry China. The awards are selected by experts in the field of information industry voting and information technology experts. The results of the evaluation can objectively reflect the recognition of the top industry experts for the solution of the industry informatization enterprise. Wisers Head of Vertical Solutions? Scott Kou (left two) to receive the "2016 annual Chinese big data industry best solution award Wisers, as all media big data experts, business intelligence solutions for large data service’s leader in big data technology and commercial applications has been walking in the forefront of the industry. Through technology and business innovation, including the construction of a full media intelligent retrieval database, media monitoring and public opinion analysis, financial public opinion and information solutions and business big data service solutions. In this contest, Wisers by virtue of its own strength and won two awards, highlighting its leading position in the business field of big data, at the same time, a huge affirmation of Wisers products services and solutions is the industry. There are big data applications different from the general Wisers, over the years has been committed to research in Linguistics and artificial intelligence technology, especially focus on Cantonese and Mandarin, which is more superior in Chinese semantic analysis. In order to give full play to the value of big data, Wisers hire experts in various industries, professional scientific research personnel, the depth of industry knowledge and advanced Natural Language Processing technology, data integration, classification and analysis, so that customers can grasp the valuable information through solution WiseNews, explore the relationship between all kinds of information, insight into the crisis with the machine. Wisers regional operations director AnthonyFung (right) to receive the "2016 annual China big data industry leader award" Wisers innovation is the driving force for development, but also the key to success. Innovation is not only reflected in the product continues to lead the power source in the service and constantly explore the rapid growth of new businesses, the ability for good governance, internal self transformation;.相关的主题文章: