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.puters-and-Technology Home Theater Systems are wonderful pieces of home audio equipment that are prevalent in many homes today. However one of the major issues of today’s home theater systems is the massive amount of wires needed to set one up correctly. If you have ever set-up a normal 2-speaker stereo system you have not even done half of the work it takes to set up a true home theater experience in your home! Most systems today have 5 satellite speakers and one sub woofer. High end systems can have up to 7 satellite speakers and a sub woofer! The wires not only must reach each speaker individually, but also must be of a decent enough quality to not be interfered with by any other electronic devices your wires may pass by. Not to mention the unsightliness of a "rats nest" of wires behind your entertainment system and wires running along the floor and behind furniture. Enter wireless home theater technology! While wireless home theater systems don’t necessarily mean a .pletely wireless home theater set-up. Mostly the wireless aspects are found in the rear satellite speakers and the sub woofer, the speakers that are furthest away from the source of your sound. And, while there are some great systems on the market, the quality of such systems still have some improvement before they can truly replace a properly wired home theater system. Yet if what’s standing in your way of having a great home theater experience is wiring, then this solution is ideal for you! Another option is to run the wires through the walls. This is what most professional installers do however in order to do it right you must know the layout of the studs in your walls and/or ceilings. You must use proper wiring that you know for sure will not deteriorate over time. And, lastly, you must know how to patch your walls and ceilings correctly so the evidence of your work isn’t so obvious. You could also hire a contractor for this type of work but it could get quite expensive. Another option is to run the wires underneath your carpet and/or a rug. This option is a bit of a pain as well because if not done properly the work can be quite evident if the speaker wires are of any significant thickness. Both options mentioned above, however, can be quite frustrating when it .es to troubleshooting any issues you have after setting up your home theater system. In conclusion, the price and level of sophistication you want to put into such a project will probably determine the viability of each option. However, with wireless home theater systems, you are guaranteed less work and easier troubleshooting which equals less frustration and more time enjoying your home theater system with your family and friends. Not to mention all the .pliments you will get for the cleanliness and high end nature of your system .pared to what others may have at their home! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: