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Jewelry-Diamonds Jewelry is a very personal item. Too many shops and stores sell pieces that could belong to anyone. Gold and diamonds are precious and beautiful, but often they are little more than that. Instead of a soulless ring or necklace, wouldnt it be great to have something that lets you know right away that it was meant to be yours? Something that speaks of your love for nature, animals, or your faith? A piece of religious jewelry can do just that. But there are other reasons to wear it. Feel closer to God Whatever your religion, it is important and life affirming to you. Having faith and keeping it close can be a reminder throughout the day of who you are and who you believe in. In these times of temptation and confusion, wearing a piece of religious jewelry allows the wearer to keep in mind Gods plan and your own plans within it. Touch the piece throughout the day for a constant source of .fort. Declare it to the world As well, in these times of change and confusion, wearing a piece of religious jewelry can also be a signal to others that our faith is important to us, and that we are willing to stand behind our convictions. By wearing the jewelry, we can meet people who are like minded and will only strengthen our beliefs. For some, the wearing of this kind of jewelry is not merely a choice, it is an obligation. Its .memorative Religious jewelry is a wonderful gift to be given as a keepsake to remember important events in our life. It can .memorate important events, such as a wedding, a graduation, or an important religious ceremony, such as .munion, or a mitzvah. Your connection with the jewelry is a tangible link to your connection to God, and to the memory of the special time in your life. Wear it as a talisman Another important reason that people wear religious jewelry is because it serves as a talisman, protecting against bad luck, physical dangers or hidden spirits. For the believer, this is very powerful and something that can be used to strengthen the wearer in times of strife. For the gift giver, it is a powerful symbol of protection to give something to a loved one that will serve to keep them safe and strong, no matter what .es their way. For the lesser-believer Even for those who dont share the same depth of faith, religious jewelry is still an attraction. Religious jewelry has a deep spiritual meaning that is always recognized, no matter how casual your own faith may be. Otherwise, it is also very pretty and trendy. Types of religious jewelry Religious jewelry includes crosses, miniature bibles, saints and stars. Necklaces and rings are always very popular choices, but earrings can be more subtle and understated. There is always a great variety of styles and prices, but whether the piece is filigree and jewel-studded, or stunning in its simple austerity, religious jewelry makes a powerful statement for both the giver and the wearer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: