Why do we grow taller than Koreans and Japanese (Bilingual) crycry

Why do we grow taller than Koreans and Japanese? (Bilingual) Chinese height grew more slowly than Japan and South Korea A recent survey found that the average human growth rate in China is lower than that in Japan and South Korea. Experts explained that besides genes, diet physical, activity and sleep can also influence height and growth. a recent survey found that the average growth rate of Chinese lower than Japan and South korea. Experts explain that genes, diet, exercise and sleep can also affect height and growth. The average height of males and females in South Korea is 174.92 centimeters and 162.34 centimeters respectively, ranking first among the three countries, according to a report done by Imperial College London. Among the three countries, China ranked second and Japan ranked third. according to the London Imperial College London report shows that the average height of Korean men and women were 174.92 cm and 162.34 cm, ranked first in three countries, Chinese ranked second, ranked third in japan. Data also showed that males in the other two countries grow faster than males in China. South Korea ranked third on the list and Japan fifth. Though Chinese people have been growing increasingly taller over the past century, their growth rate still lags behind that of other countries. data also showed that the South Korean and Japanese male growth faster than the China male. Korea ranked third in Japan, fifth. Although clean相关的主题文章: