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Blogging-Rss Blogs is defined as other kind of website. Blogs are also easier to setup than websites, and because of this reason people are often thinking blogs are a better option than websites. The blog usually organize by date and category with most recent post/content displaying first. Blog are not easy to promote but we build traffic and generate profit. Internet marketing and search engine optimization are the process which has been getting ranked in Google, yahoo, etc. Blogs and websites both require work, patience, and understanding through the internet marketing. We can design blogs in two ways. You can either set it up using a free blogging platform and account, or you can use the free software and set it up using your own domain name and server. While start a blogging make sure that the selected keywords are based on analysis when you should start writing your blog. For better success you need to write the project in blogging and share with people. You should start a introduction of the article, body part with the most content in this part followed by the end part of the article with a conclusion, though this kind of format suits for a pillar posts kind of articles which are very big in size. However, if you use word press, you’ll have the flexibility to do so much with your blog’s content and layout. In terms of design and data manipulation blog can be some what limiting compare to website. It is very easy to edit or delete a blog for any reason. The blog will open page displaying the entry. Click the blog of your wish to edit or delete. Below the entry, next to the time stamp, are two links: delete and edit. Click on either one to make the change on your blog. So don’t think it is easy to create a blog or it is a easy way to make money online. Bloggers make lot of money to have share and put their effort. You can create freeblog using this website; Blogger (.blogger.com) is Google’s free blogging service. LiveJournal (.livejournal.com) from Six Apart is a free blogging service, largely used for creating personal journals. Typepad (.typepad.com), another service from Six Apart, is used by many business blogs. Movable Type (.sixapart.com/moveabletype/) provides more advanced site design and development capabilities. WordPress (.wordpress.org) is a personal publishing platform for bloggers who want more sophisticated features. While using the blog you should remember two words they are as follow: quality and content. It is not easy way to create the blog and make money online. Bloggers put lot of money have put in their share ideas time and effort. These will draw to your site and keep them .ing back for more. There is no need to give ideas and opinions in blog you can involve your visitors the better. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: