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Outsourcing A process goes through several phases and life steps when it is developed. A process keeps evolving over time. To perform quality checks, a process needs to evolve to such a level that it is capable of initiating such checks. The product then keeps evolving such that improvements can be added at each stage and finally the end result is satisfactory and conforms very well to the requirement specifications. It is highly important that the developer as well as the testing team has .plete knowledge about the software quality assurance basic concepts in a way that they can implement all necessary steps to perfection. Such developmental processes should also involve the management team such that they understand all the aspects as well as gain information about the importance that quality tests hold. Testing should be performed by experienced and skilled professionals so that there are no chances of a mistake or carelessness. A well organized testing process .prises of a proper requirement specification that leads to the formation of accurate test plans and test cases. This way the level of quality expected can be thoroughly maintained. Testing can be ac.panied with the use of proper testing tools which can enhance the results obtain and at the same time eases down the task of the testers. Possessing .plete knowledge of software quality assurance basic concepts lets the quality assurance team set out metrics which can play a vital role in .paring the current development with the previous versions. It helps in identifying what was missed out previously and why the system has been lagging behind. Proper quality check can be assured only with the presence of a productive environment. Test data used should be appropriate as well as precise. Adjustments with respect to configuration changes should also be incorporated. After individual units have been tested, they are joined together to work with the other units forming a module. It is essential to understand the basis behind integration testing vs functional testing. In the former, the units are integrated and then checked to see whether it works in accordance to the stated requirements or not. On the other hand, in case of functional testing, it is a more practical oriented check where the integrated module needs to be run to see whether it performs as stated. Functional testing involves testing the application to see whether it fulfills the business requirements or not. In case of non functional testing, the non functional requirements are analyzed and checked. It works more towards reflecting the quality of the developed product. Therefore, it is essential for the developer as well as the tester to be aware of all the functional and nonfunctional testing types. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: