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.puters-and-Technology Cloud .puting was a revolutionary movement that transformed the way enterprises and organizations carried out businesses. Earlier enterprises incurred huge costs as they need to install applications on .puters to perform various business operations but now the applications are hosted online. Thus cloud .puting can be defined as a .puting model that offers servers, networks, applications and data centers through the internet. .panies and organizations need to buy only the type and the amount of services that they require. That means .panies need not install any hardware, software or applications; they just have to buy the requisite services provided over a network by third parties. As there is no installation there are no maintenance worries. Types of Cloud .puting Services Cloud .puting has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Most of the popular web applications used today such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Picassa, YouTube and so on are offered through cloud. Cloud .puting services are broadly classified into three and they are: * Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS gives access to storage and servers in the cloud. Another important advantage is that it offers the elasticity to scale up and down the server and storage capacity. This is extremely useful for those .panies who dont have sufficient server and storage capacity especially at the time of traffic. * Platform as a Service (PaaS) Platform as a Service or PaaS refers to the provision of platforms so that customers can build their applications on it. PaaS .es to the aid of those businesses which cannot provide enough resources during peak times. * Software as a Service (SaaS) Software as a Service or SaaS is the most popular .puting model that offers businesses access to software service in the cloud. The .panies need not install any software but can access it from anywhere. Advantages of Cloud .puting * Convenient on demand model for network access * Reduced Costs and increased storage availability * Extensive flexibility and higher reliability * No need of keeping applications up to date as it is highly automated Though there are several cloud .puting providers, not all can provide impeccable services. A good service provider would offer: * Self-provision servers, network, storage infrastructure real-time from anywhere, anytime * Facilitates instant deployment of new Servers with zero capital expenditure on hardware and software * Highly-available multi-tenant environment * On-demand .pute and Storage * Elastic services – scale servers and storage in real time About the Author: 相关的主题文章: