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Trump is worth a year lost $eight hundred million in U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, e (Donald Trump) real-time quotes Trump once said: "one of the reasons I have is that I am full of charm." However, according to Forbes reported that compared to a year ago, Trump’s wealth has shrunk dramatically. Forbes re evaluated the personal wealth of the Republican presidential candidate, found that since 2015, his net assets decreased by $800 million to $3 billion 700 million. Reported that the main reason for the collapse of the property market in New York real estate market downturn". Mr. Trump wrote a book called "(Midas Touch) able to perform wonders" of the book, he believes that "people need a total transaction in the White House" (dealmaker-in-chief). In the September 26th presidential debate, he said: "I have a huge income…… It’s time for a man with money to govern the country." So how did he lose the $800 million? In the past 30 years, "Forbes" has been in the calculation of Trump’s personal wealth, and attributed the decline to New York retail and office real estate market sluggish market "Forbes" estimates, there are 18 depreciation 28 projects owned by Trump, including Manhattan Fifth Avenue landmark building Trump. Trump in Wall Street and Marr Lage 40 (Mar-a-Lago) of the real estate in Florida, and Palm Beach, private club has fallen. But Trump also has 7 real estate values to achieve growth, including San Francisco’s top second buildings. How much did he spend on the presidential election? Unlike his competitors, Mr Trump has been able to raise money for presidential elections, which means that he does not have to rely too much on the owners. So far, he has invested about $50 million in the presidential election, and he has taken a series of measures to save money, such as his office in Trump Building. In addition, "Forbes" estimates for Mexico immigrants had published some controversial remarks that he lost and NBC universal, Univision and Messi department store company contract, the loss amounted to $100 million. He is worth geometry? This is still a mystery. This year, Trump submitted his financial disclosure report to the Federal Election Commission, the material shows that his total assets of more than $10 billion". But Forbes said his total assets of $3 billion 700 million, Bloomberg believes that $3 billion, while fortune is expected to be $3 billion 900 million. The reason for the disagreement is that Mr Trump will calculate the value of his brand, which, according to his estimate, is worth nearly $3 billion 300 million. Critics have also accused him of combining revenues and revenues in a way that inflated revenues. Can a tax return show his true wealth? Trump refused to disclose his tax situation, make people suspect that the bank deposit Cong相关的主题文章: