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Coimbatore cooling towers is the leading manufacturer of timber type cooling towers.It is mechanical strength, durability and high efficiency. Manpower with vast specialized experience in cooling tower manufacturing is back bone of the organization. We have with us persons who have been entirely responsible from concept to final product manufacturing. We have major time tested development that has been incorporated in standards. Our CCT timber cooling towers are atmospheric cooling tower and mechanical cooling towers. Atmospheric towers are only for smaller capacities and mechanical draft towers are for higher range. The timber cooling towers are made out of pine or chirr wood after properly seasoned and chemically treated with arsenic chromate to with stand its life against biting, fungus and termite etc. Timber Cooling Tower Product Range 1. Wooden Single Flow and Double Flow induced Draft Cross Flow Cooling Towers. 2. Direct Drive System. 3. Reduction Gear Box Drive Suystem. 4. Counter Flow Square / Rectangular Induced / Forced Draft Towers. 5. Packaged Wooden Double / Single Flow Induced Draft Cross Flow Cooling Towers. 6. Fan-less Induced Draft Wooded Cooling Tower [ Atmospheric Natural Draft Cooling Towers]. 7. Re-Inforced Concrete Cooling Towers. 8. Spares For any Type and Make of Cooling Towers. Timber Cooling Tower Design Concept 1. Economy in Operation 2. Best Performance 3. Architectural .patability 4. Maintenance Free 1. Economy in Operation Our Timber Cooling Towers are designed for the highest effieiency at the lowest operating cost. Fans gear boxes, fill and drift eliminators are optimized to deliver maximum cooling with minum applied horsepower for lower operating cost. 2. Best Performance Our Timber Cooling Towers are providing more wetted surface area for uniform water distribution and higher heat trasfer rate. 3. Architectural .patability Our Timber Cooling Towers are designed to a low profile. So the appearance and general configuration blends harmoniously with surroundings. Performance and attractive appearnance are demanded. 4. Maintenance Free Our Timber Cooling Towers are used maintenance free materials throught the tower. The materials are used in structural and functional .ponents, all steel is hot-dipped galvanized after the fabrication. For more details about Timber Cooling Tower What Are The Benefits Of Chip Tuning In Cars? By: Mark Well – Everything these days is run by .puters, whether your bank or your favorite family restaurant. But you might be surprised to know that even your car has an in … Tags: Usage Of Iron Gates And Fences And Their Repair Services By: John Smith – If you are looking for security and protection of your household then yu need to install and maintain gates and fences. They are durable and sturdy and are also … Tags: Understand The Importance Of A Freight Broker In The Shipping Industry By: Anno Slopen – Are you looking forward to start your own freight .pany? Of course, starting a cargo transportation business appears to be tempting but essentially, it is not … Tags: All About Business Cards Printing Online By: vikram kumar – 16pt business cards printing is a requirement for any professional or .pany promotion. Everyone in the working world should have his/her own card designs. Wit … Tags: Who Can Benefit From High Quality Merchant Services By: GoodContent – All of your business financing needs. From merchant services, to business-to-business funding options, this site will have all the information that you need to … Tags: Reliance Jio Launches Cheapest Volte-based Phone In India By: Chintan Shah – Jio launched the cheapest VoLTE-enabled phone in India, Flame 1 at INR 6,490. Tags: Imperago Workforce Design Launches New Risk And Fatigue Management Solution By: PRP – Game changer in managing staff working patterns, Imperago, introduces relative Risk and Fatigue scores to safeguard staff health and safety Tags: Absolutely Fantastic 2 Bed And 3 Bed Apts. Units By: akansha tyagi – Prestige builders is a leading property firm renowned in the industry for presenting all well structured & beautifully design infrastructures. This time the fi … Tags: Marvelous 2 Bed And 3 Bed Apts. Units By: akansha tyagi – By showing drastic development & growth in Indian property segment these prestigious builders gifts you elegantly crafted abodes in the form of 1 Bedroom/ 2 … Tags: Grand 2 Bed And 3 Bed Apts. Units By: akansha tyagi – As the project features absolute clubhouse, gaming arena with playing grounds and courts, .munity hall, swimming pool, blooming green gardens all are altogeth … Tags: 相关的主题文章: