This long holiday in West Lake, the country’s hottest tourists to hang up to 15 million 780 thousand

The West Lake national holiday hot Hangzhou tourists reached 15 million 780 thousand passengers although buddies very reluctantly, but we have to remind, this holiday is really over. On holiday, each person’s memory is not the same, but for Hangzhou, the most profound memory than expected crowds in West Lake. Every day people, how many people in Hangzhou? This figure was released yesterday: Hangzhou parks, scenic spots and attractions of a total of 15 million 781 thousand and 800 visitors. Hot to what extent? According to Xinhua news agency, Hangzhou, West Lake for 5 consecutive days to occupy the top spot in the country’s most scenic spots. One side is the hot tourism heat, the other side is like a burst of cold wind – cold air cooling, waved his hand, precipitation, wind, is not a drop in Zhejiang today, people will feel this cold air "sincerity". This cold air temperature in Hangzhou was weakened after this weekend until next Friday, the temperature will drop to the "1" prefix, the highest temperature is 21-24 DEG C. This holiday to Hangzhou tourists grew 11.82% National Day holiday, where the most people, which is the most popular scenic spots? Hangzhou, of course. Although the rain continued, yesterday evening, the money newspaper reporter at the entrance to the white embankment or saw a pack of raincoats swim passenger group. Liu Ningyue, who is organizing a tour guide for tourists, looks at her schedule: from September 29th to yesterday, almost every day with a group. "Today, this group of guests will finally be able to rest. This holiday is the most tiring since the entry, almost all of the travel agencies in Hangzhou are full of orders." G20 is the first National Day holiday, Hangzhou bursting with popularity. According to statistics, during the National Day holiday, Hangzhou parks, scenic spots and attractions of a total of 15 million 781 thousand and 800 tourists, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 11.82%. Tourism revenue 11 billion 485 million yuan, an increase of 16.73%. The edge of the West Lake heat, look at the data more exaggerated — West Lake scenic spot has welcomed 4 million 907 thousand and 400 passengers last year, a total of 3 million 724 thousand and 700 passengers, an increase of 31.75%. The free attractions welcoming a total of 4 million 72 thousand and 600 passengers, 834 thousand and 800 passengers to the cumulative charges attractions. (2015 eleven golden week total passenger traffic fell by 16.95% in the same period in 2014), according to Xinhua News Agency reported that Hangzhou, West Lake for the first time in more than 5 days to occupy the top spot in the country’s top scenic spots. The tourists are mainly concentrated in the South Bridge, Sir Georg Solti, Orioles Singing in the Willows, Leifeng Pagoda scenic area, Curved Yard and Lotus Pool in Summer, Lingyin Temple and the tiger runs along the route is yourenruzhi. West Lake Qianjiang new music fountain, light show, Wulin Square 3D naked eye light fountain show, Nanshan Road lights during the day to see West Lake, see the light show at night, almost become a national day to Hangzhou tourists "standard" travel. Most tourists are the "best memories in Hangzhou" show, 7 days 13 show tickets.相关的主题文章: