The surface of the water what is a real worry about him. Professor Xie Baisan

The surface of the water: what is a real worry about him. Professor Xie Baisan? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls in the stock market is a place where you earn money, not reasonable place. This simple truth, the surface of the water used 20 years to understand. Of course, this period also experienced a conversion, several CBBC cycle paper wealth, the ups and downs of personal emotional daxitaibei; but unfortunately, not everyone can accept this kind of vulgar thoughts, Xie Baisan is one of them. The mid autumn festival that a "moon man said" the official accusation in the online scraper, it is a professor in reasoning, rather than a man in the street. Scold what street? At the Commission, called Liu Shiyu, called Liu Shiyu under the leadership of the Commission have listed IPO as accurate poverty alleviation means and tools, as to the credit for the show, at the expense of tens of thousands of investors, finally flustered openly threatened someone above me, don’t correct it. Professor Xie Baisan and Professor Xie leather are alumni, but the professional is the economy of stock time than paper stocks only a little short, Professor Xie commendable is to represent the retail from first to last for his position and stance, including mood, as in the past, although many of his ideas but for his good beg to differ. The kind of "populist spirit is very admire. In fact, the beginning of the Liu Shiyu administration is specifically called to illustrate Xie’s status, but also that of Liu his respect, reciprocity, the chairman of the Liu Xie Baisan attack a little taste of the answer can only return kindness with ingratitude evil for good, one touched the fundamental interests of the majority of individual investors including Xie Zainei. What is the fundamental interests of retail investors do? Of course it’s money! Of course is out of trouble! Of course is the capital preservation! However, although in the current bear market to make money very hard, do up more difficult to be guaranteed, even more difficult! However, investors do not think so, think retail is why every day trading board, why trading board does not belong to me, why people can make money and I shall be left behind? I am not satisfied, I want to make money, so I want to play, I want to chase, I will hold up unfair jiancang. Scolded IPO while it shares hit endless, scolded; manipulation Budehaosi, while anxious to own stock every word board; and appeal to the national team to rescue the market exit can not, side of the administrative intervention and voluble; against the registration system of market, while the IPO Easy Access shouted. Seemingly contradictory pole, in fact, is a word, lee! Be blinded by lust for money! Sow the fleas, it is impossible to harvest dragons, everything has to have the causal, bailout policy intervention, the registration system is not the phenomenon of rent-seeking, but not at the sugar cane sweet, not all truth in your home. A shares not stocks, A shares is the reform and opening up the square from the date of birth, "well to close" was about politics, of course, the mission is financing, social capital contribute to economic construction, from this point on, A shares相关的主题文章: