The Power Of A Real Estate Investor Credibility Kit Do You Have

Arts-and-Entertainment If youre looking for ways to develop credibility for your real estate business, do not overlook the power of a credibility kit. This powerful document package will make investors feel comfortable investing their money with you. It will make sellers and buyers more comfortable dealing with you. It will make people much more eager to form joint ventures and strategic alliances with you. It will give people an idea of what to expect when dealing with your businessand show the best side of what you can do for themwithout you having to do all the talking or convincing personally every time. This is the power of a credibility kit and in this article Ill be talking generally about credibility kits for any business but as a real estate guy you can imagine that some of my examples and advice will be slanted towards creating a real estate investor credibility kit.. A good credibility kit will have bios of you and other principal people within your company and also (and many people forget this important part) other companies and professionals you are aligned with who offer value-add services to your clients as a referral or agreement adjunct to what your company does for your clients. For instance, if you sell wholesale properties you can develop a more powerful program by incorporating done for you fix-up plans, bids, and referral company contractors in a package to provide to your potential buyers who are looking for properties to fix up and rent or re-sell to a retail family who wants to live there. By providing all of that you are doing some of the rehabbers work for him/her and he/she WILL appreciate that and consider your wholesale property offerings a cut above all the other people slinging deals in your marketplace. Secondly, your credibility kit should include past projects youve been involved with, because if youre looking to show people that you can do what you say you can do, then you should have already done what you say you can do or similar. In a real estate investor credibility kit this might include testimonials from buyers, sellers, tenants and passive investors or private lenders. It might also include before and after pictures of rehab projects, and details on completed projects and parties involved whove given you permission to share their successful experience with you. Next, a good credibility kit has a human element. You dont want to be too corporate. You want people to see you as a person, because more and more were moving away from the 1950s/1960s organizations to the 2000/2010 lifestyles of the rich and famous kinds of things. We want to connect with people on a successful level, so if youre not a mini celebrity, by doing this process you can become oneif only in the eyes of the people who look at your credibility kit and compare apples to apples with others in your industry who present themselves much less professionally. Next, a good credibility kit should include your strategic alliances. You want to let people know who youve allied with and why, what they bring to the table for you and for them. Next, be classy and professional. When in doubt, use images because they truly can tell a story. Tell the entire story, but tell some with images, diagrams and things of that nature. Next, offer resources for people to learn more about you. Also, offer resources for the person whom youre trying to build credibility with. For one of my businesses Ive put together a credibility kit for perspective investors in commercial real estate projects, so a lot of the resources and references have to do with that. If, for example, youre putting together a package to build trust and credibility with pre-foreclosure sellers, so that if youre sitting at the kitchen table they arent thinking, I dont know who this guy is, and I dont know why we should sign this document. Instead, after reviewing your real estate investor credibility kit you want them thinking, Thank you for providing us with all these resources, showing us what our options are, and giving us a chance to make up our minds. We feel comfortable signing this contract to sell you our house at the terms upon which youve given. That is the power of a credibility kit. You shouldnt have to create it each time you meet with somebody, you should have something already created that you can print and give to someone. This tool alone will set you apart from majority of investors out there. Get to work on your credibility kit today! About the Author: If youre serious about making money NOW in commercial real estate, while building long-term wealth, all by learning how to re-position yourself to achieve INFINITE returns then you must attend our next live educational online webinar with Americas #1 Real Estate Network. Register here, right now as a guest of Danny Welsh and unlock the secrets to 6-figure pay-days and awesome monthly cash flow per deal: ..hisrealestatenetwork../753. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: