The police officer for the Mekong action like Zhang Hanyu smile on camouflage contest

The police officer for the Mekong "action" like Zhang Hanyu laugh on camouflage contest entertainment news produced by Tencent in September 27th, Bona film group, Huang Jianxin, producer Liang Fengying, Dante Lam directed, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Feng Wenjuan, Wu Xudong starred in the blockbuster "police action" to move the Mekong Roadshow second station in Chongqing to create the film. Director Lin Chaoxian starring Zhang Hanyu, attended by the presence of Mr. Eddie Peng. The conference will be hot "Mekong camouflage contest" transferred from the line to the next line, can open up a fresh outlook. Invited to the media with camouflage elements of clothing, quiz and creative play wit; and in the evening the Chongqing police academy campus activities, the police academy students praise, but also more shouted "two brush!" "Camouflage contest" surprises the audience lit Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng broke the glass slide appeared in September 27th, the director Dante Lam led Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng to "battle", "outsmart" strong state swept Chongqing. Conference on the same day, their creative will be repercussions on the network popular "Mekong camouflage contest" to the conference site, wearing camouflage clothing elements from the media selected the six most feel special, and to the selected media questions. Ask questions and the role reversal so the scene Laughter: director Dante Lam "shield" media, quietly released, Eddie Peng ridicule painted on the face of camouflage paint for the audience Doraemon, Zhang Hanyu asked also broke more shooting "insider"…… There is a reward for fun and interaction with the ritual appeared, the unexpected surprise lit the audience. "The Mekong River action" as a whole real film, and I talked about the shooting scenes, Everything is contained therein., responsible for the "battle" in the film, almost by director Lin Chaoxian to become the "fighting master" starring Zhang Hanyu said, "this movie is life in acting, every scene is impressive." equipment, heavy, poisonous, bad weather and other difficulties are creative together; and said the "action" in the Mekong River is mainly responsible for "outsmart" of Eddie Peng, in addition to these people to forget the hardships, the role of intelligence is not a small breakthrough for him. The tough alliance "tip" police point mouth overflowing won ten thousand of praise as the industry’s legendary hero director Dante Lam, in the "action" in the Mekong River, Zhang Hanyu joined Eddie Peng, composed of three "tough alliance" maxed out Chinese action movie a new benchmark. After the conference, creative people immediately rushed to the police academy in Chongqing, attended the meeting after the video. The creative activities and students mutual questions model, director Dante Lam and starring Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng talk about the story behind the scenes. The presence of the students first came up and asked whether there are several stars receive firearms training, because the action is very professional; some students also asked the film has no straightforward effects, Zhang Hanyu replied "real very decisively, not a studio shoot!" The site attracted the students applauded again and again, hooked. There are female students are obsessed with the film "uniform", more bold asked Eddie Peng: "in the future will also take camouflage uniforms?" Eddie Peng also generous response, as long as you like it. And then director Lin Chaoxian also actively interact with the students, when asked the students相关的主题文章: