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Travel-and-Leisure Italy is not just famous for its food, wine, chocolates, and pasta. The beaches of Italy along with their lovely coast line and scenic beauty- are sure to stay glued in your mind. With so many beaches, it may be a difficult task for the tourists to pick just one among them. Every year the Foundation of Environment Education .es out with the list of beaches that meets all the criteria of a best beach for the water quality, cleanliness, and sustainable development. They have named these certified beaches as "Blue Flag" beaches. With a high number of blue flag beaches, Italy is one of the best beach destinations in the world. If you want to experience the real essence of this beautiful land, then here is a list of some of the must-visit beaches of Italy . San Vito Lo Capo Located along the western coast of Sicily, here you can find a cultural mix of people enjoying some nice moments in the sun. You can also have a glimpse of pristine beaches in this region from the national park called Zingaro which is a part of San Vito Lo Capo. Isola del Giglio If you are an ardent nature lover, then this exotic beach well-known for its underwater life is a must-visit. Located at the Tuscany coast the Isola del Giglio is one of the best and most beautiful beaches in the country, with a backdrop of Apuan Alps. Capalbio This place is a well-known ancient village surrounded by the countryside that stays the same for many years. As it is so private and the atmosphere brings back the past, this place is one of the perfect beach holidays in Italy for many people. Though this beach is little expensive for its hunting experience and so on, it is definitely a worth to visit. Taormina The Italian North beach Taormina is The Beach’ and not just a beach. Offering various adventure sports and picturesque beauty, it is referred as the jewel of Sicily and Italy as well. You can even enjoy the bliss of travelling here with sea caves, natural marine reserve and wine tasting on the way. Being called as the peal of the Mediterranean, this coastal jewel is a perfect choice and a must-visit. Mondello Visiting Mondello is another great choice of Italy beach vacations, when you are in Sicily. This ancient fishermen village is the well known summer place of Italy where you can visit an array of excellent restaurants, bars, fast food and other unique shops. Anyone can guarantee that these must-visits will be the most relaxing and wonderful place you have ever visited. With delicious wines and stunning views of the beaches of Italy, you are sure to be mesmerized in your own beautiful world when you are here. Get ready to experience this pleasure with PerilloTours.., one of the best tour providers in the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: