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Sales-Training So many sales trainings focus on the sales process and they shouldn’t! Customers run a mile from sales people that try to get the customer to fit into the ‘sales process’ because they don’t feel .fortable with someone that isn’t listening. So just how do you notice a customer’s buying strategy so that you can sell to them just the way they need to be sold to, in order for them to buy. The customer, the customer, the customer! That’s what selling is all about and every customer is different. You might have .e across these silly steps before: 1.sales lead 2.qualified prospect 3.identify their needs 4.sell to them 5.close the sale transaction and I would urge you to forget about them because they don’t address the customer! They address the process in a text book (and we don’t sell to text books). I might also add that the reason this process has spread so much is because too many sales trainers don’t ever sell a thing Let me phrase it another way: if salesperson A gets 100 happy customers but doesn’t follow a rigid ‘sales process’ and salesperson B gets 5 happy customers by using a rigid ‘sales process’ then who’s a better salesperson?! Obviously salesperson A and funnily enough in all the sales trainings that I’ve done, I’ve never been contracted to teach the team how to stick to the ‘sales process’ but rather: ‘increase the bottom line’. Supposedly there is an advantage to following the 6 steps above and its: ‘ achieving a standard with customer interaction in sales’. However, standards also cap progress. Can a student get higher than an A+? In other words, thanks to that standard, there’s no higher than an A+, but there’s definitely lower! Do you want to cap your ‘bottom line’? If not, if like me you think that the more money the merrier then be careful with standards. Enough of the diversion, lets recap: the sales process needs to be about noticing verbal and non verbal cues that allow us to pitch our product or service in just the right way for the customer to buy. About the Author: By: Peak Performance – I hope that this article will give you the right direction and know-how of managerial courses that can bring success and appreciation in your life. You can know many more on these courses online and enroll for them easily. Tags: courses in management , courses in negotiation skills , By: sridharan sharma – You run a .pany. You founded it and worked day in and day to make it what it is today. Even today you work harder than your staff. You have no particular issues with your staff – except they’re not bringing you enough of bu … By: Peak Performance – Some organizations give importance to many issues like work period, lateness and moral than others. These are some critical points that should list on the top while arranging a training session for the workforce. By: sridharan sharma – Your people are your asset. And you heavily invest in them. Lately, you’ve been thinking about introducing a corporate skill training program to up skill your people so that they can turn out a lot more .petitive and produc … By: sridharan sharma – You represent a tele. .pany. And you want to expand aggressively in the .ing years. But, you feel that your people at your call centers somewhere lack in skills, that they need to up skill themselves to understand the p … By: sridharan sharma – In our previous articles, we have spoken a lot about the vocational education landscape in Africa, why it needs an upgrade, and why Africa cannot do without a skilled workforce. By: sinuse – You may already know all about the terms ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’, and the associated stereotypes that can arise – the former as unsocial, secretive and aloof, the latter aggressive, egotistical and socially needy. But the … By: sridharan sharma – We wont take much of your time blabbering about the importance of negotiation skills and why they matter to you. You know it already, right? So, without taking any minute, here we are with the 9 tips that will help you imp … By: sinuse – Unquestionably one of the greatest tragedies of asbestos is the fact that exposure can so often occur .pletely unbeknown to a victim who then only experiences the lethal health effects many decades later – unnecessarily cut … By: sridharan sharma – Corporate training has be.e the need of the hour. For a business that wants to see itself evolving into one of the most admired .panies in its category, corporate training is a must. If you want to know why and how corpor … 相关的主题文章: