The first three quarters of two barrels of oil to reduce over 3000 net profit less than a fraction o

The first three quarters of two barrels of oil to reduce over 3000 net profit less than a fraction of the Sinopec petroleum billion investment adviser: catch demon king contest at App shares of sina finance: Live on-line blogger to guide the three domestic oil giant (three barrels of oil) three quarter earnings today out of qi. By the impact of low oil prices, oil China, Sinopec ("two barrels of oil") before the three quarter revenues were 1 trillion and 360 billion yuan, 1 trillion and 150 billion yuan, down 11.3%, 11.9%, total revenue fell more than 300 billion yuan. Sinopec is still the three barrels of oil, the most profitable company. Due to greater contribution to refining business profits, Sinopec before the three quarter net profit of about 29 billion 166 million yuan, an increase of 12.6%. China oil period net profit of 1 billion 724 million yuan, down 94.4%, only about 6% of the Sinopec. Hong Kong stocks CNOOC although not disclose the complete financial data, but the third quarter of the main business indicators such as output, a number of oil and gas sales revenue decline, the company during the period of oil and gas sales revenue of about 30 billion 750 million yuan, down 15.2%. Overall, compared to semi annual financial data, two barrels of oil in the third quarter profitability has improved. Among them, Sinopec third quarter net profit of $10 billion 188 million, China Petroleum is about $1 billion 196 million. Business sector, since this year, the international crude oil prices are bottoming out trend and fluctuated in the third quarter, but the overall is low, the domestic refined oil prices as international crude oil prices adjust. Affected by this, oil giants in the upstream exploration and mining business is still a serious loss. Among them, the Sinopec before the three quarter EBIT loss of 30 billion 900 million yuan; Chinese oil period operating losses of 3 billion 949 million yuan over the same period last year, operating profit of 46 billion 513 million yuan in profits 50 billion 462 million yuan. For the loss of control and reduced losses, the oil giants have to strengthen cost control, low yield and high cost Yajian crude oil. Reflected in the production data, Sinopec and China’s crude oil production has declined. Sinopec crude oil production in the first three quarters of the year fell by 12.58%; China’s crude oil production fell by 3.6%. However, the two companies steady growth in natural gas production, the former rose 5.09%, the latter grew by 6.1%. CITIC Securities Research Report that the outlook for the fourth quarter and next year, the international oil price cut is expected to support OPEC to continue to rebound, help the upstream sector continue to cut losses. However, Chinese petroleum said in three quarterly, the first three quarters of the price of crude oil of low volatility, corporate profits are affected by the fourth quarter of this year; if the crude oil price level continued to run low, the company realized crude oil prices are expected to drop compared to larger, the company expects 2016 annual net profit will be dropped. In addition, low oil prices have a positive impact on the oil refining business giants. Such as the Sinopec revenue accounted for relatively large refining business continues to improve, its refining sector, the chemical sector before the three quarter EBIT were 43 billion 504 million yuan, 19 billion 135 million yuan, an increase of 1 respectively.相关的主题文章: