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Photography Terry Redlin is an American painter most famous for his fantastical depictions of landscapes, sceneries, and wild life. He was born in South Dakota and earned his degree from the St. Paul School of Associated Arts. For years, he worked as a painter, a layout and graphic artist, a designer and an art director. Truly, art was his blood just as it was his bread and butter. He left his old jobs two years after the first recognition of his work. His painting entitled Winter Snows was put on the cover of The Farmer magazine in 1977. That was the turning point of his career as he began to make noise in the art industry. For many years, he spent his life painting. Because of his efforts, he was awarded as the Most Popular Artist in the surveys of U.S. Art Magazine for eight consecutive years. America was swept with terry redlin art as he was named a Hall of Famer in 1992 for bringing eleven of his works in the most popular spot. His passion in painting was actually a result of his dreams of being a forest ranger shattered by an accident. However, his works that made him famous was not at all an accident. His Painting Style and Themes Terry Redlin uses oil on canvas for his paintings. Most of the subjects of terry redlin art include wild life particularly those of the forest. He paints various forest animals such as deer, ducks, dogs, and the like. Aside from that, he also paints scenarios such as children fishing into ponds, people helping each other, and other normal actions. What he is famous for is his painting that depict landscapes and beautiful homey sceneries. He is quite popular for bringing into canvas such a general and overused scenario, but making it special by his own way. He loves painting forest cabins, log houses, trees and flowers, night skies as well as sunsets. This is considered as usual subjects, but Terry Redlin has a special signature that sets him apart from other painters. Most terry redlin art pieces share the luminous and twilight characteristics. His works literally glow with warmth, sentiment, and nostalgia. One can see that most of his paintings have a shining quality to it. The pictures are simple yet so cozy and inviting. An example of this is the painting wherein a log house has a bright lamp in its windows during the dead of the night. It gives hope. Legacy Terry Redlin has his own museum called the Redlin Art Center in Watertown, South Dakota. It was established in the year 1997. Currently, it holds a lot of his works as well as a themed museum open to everyone who wishes to visit. He has given a lot of his money amounting to $40 million in the different causes he believe in. One of this include the wildlife conservation which he is very passionate about. Right now, he is retired and enjoying the remaining years of his life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: