Technology is not value for real Yan 2017 new vision soulseek

Technology is not value for real Yan 2017 new vision as a photography white is extremely keen to take pictures, but also handshaken star who always want to shoot movies, who can understand my sadness? But yesterday was really Yan see 2017 new models geely vision, after kakaka kuangpai photos, even feeling pretty good, I was taking pictures of technology promotion? The new value is too high or Jing Yan? Please come and judge it. Speaking of Geely new vision, I still feel a lot of. As the first car in my life, the vision has left me a lot of good memories. Now I also became a father, watching constantly updated, always full of vitality of the vision, feeling like watching their children grow up, like a warm heart. If customers offer, to see 2017 new vision of what it actually minari! First to take a big picture! Do not say anything else, 2017 new vision the change is very much, grille, headlights, and other decorative details are optimized, the overall level of stereoscopic sense, even texture has improved, fan is more and more fashionable atmosphere. Remember the auspicious family type grille with new water ripples cash vision, captured the hearts of many giriko heart. Now 2017 with a new design of the shape of the family grille, fashion sense UP UP UP. The grille and headlights on both sides of association under the more closely, chrome trim net has been extended to the bottom of the headlight, the visual effect of transverse tensile is really greatly, and are also appear on the grade. The headlight surface increases the GEELY logo create new styles, along also added a bright shiny chrome trim, quality details highlight demonstrated. 16 inch wheels are the same as Aluminum Alloy facelifted imperial with a leaden spraying effect, strengthen the side fashion sense and sense of quality, strengthen the sense of movement is also a lot of. On the bottom of the car, 2017 new prospects increased a lot of details of the optimization, the feeling is more fitting Chinese people’s aesthetic, fashion and cordial. For example, under the bumper bumper to increase the return type texture, Chinese characteristics are very strong, although the small details, but also can be seen in the minds of the unique national car. Come and see the interior! Familiar with the new vision of people know that the interior is definitely one of the biggest highlights of the 2016 new vision, whether it is the texture or style, are not so many cars spike. The car equipped with only a light in the atmosphere, are enough to make the same price models humbled. 2017 new prospects continue to cover the skin soft handle, feel soft and delicate, feel really comfortable. Brown Trim color also has small upgrade, looks like the imperial GS brown, revealed a light luxury luxury temperament. More stylish steering wheel, the use of a new technology, in the event of a collision to reduce the impact of the steering wheel on the driver. The handbrake is optimized, feel very light, convenient efforts not to female friends. This year marks the ten anniversary of the vision, so the gear lever, 2017 car mat, seat back are added ten anniversary commemorative badges, full, I see the vision of the old owners could not help but want to get a new car. Door panel and instrument desk light is used for drawing water transfer process, even if not.相关的主题文章: