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Take GREE as an example to resume trading limit by the base arbitrage strategy in this hot stock trading, often accompanied by possible arbitrage opportunities. The suspension of six months of GREE on Friday (September 2nd) to resume trading related fund share soared, and seeking arbitrage funds. But today, GREE electric opened trading board, it is not what can set. GREE did not set the profit, but we still can not help but pay attention to such opportunities. Just send the money yesterday, the fund Jun seek GREE electric article (stamp arbitrage "GREE electrical resumption continuous limit, Miss Dong has successfully attracted the attention of arbitrage funds"), a reader asked the arbitrage strategy. So the fund to GREE this case to give you the pro. What is the price difference arbitrage, is called arbitrage, such as the Guangzhou Maodou sell 5 dollars a pound, Shenzhen soybean sold 10 dollars a pound. Well, there may be a price to be made, planing to travel, estimated price changes under the time difference, if we all ran to Guangzhou "edamame" to Shenzhen speculation, do not suddenly come too much the price fell to less than 5 dollars; these factors are to be considered. Through arbitrage fund is a truth. GREE in February 22nd this year to start the suspension, to resume trading in September 2nd this year, during the suspension of the AMAC electric appliance industry index rose 17.34%; peer Midea Group rose by 56.08%, Qingdao Haier rose by 27.46%. GREE electric appliances resume trading while the proposed 13 billion yuan acquisition of Zhuhai Silver Dragon into the field of new energy vehicles. During the consideration of peer gains and mergers and acquisitions, the market is expected to resume trading GREE may have 3-5 limit. Funds are very sensitive sense of smell, GREE must have a few resumption of trading, and are not able to buy a word limit. What should I do? What did the fund’s largest holdings of GREE electric appliances, find out. Purchase of these funds, not to share the resumption of the resumption of the resumption of the gains brought by GREE. Although not directly buy GREE so much, but how much can share a little bit. For example, the resumption of the GREE, the fund approach more funds have two, one is a deep bonus ETF, there is a letter to build the CCTV finance 50 classification, which is the venue fund, you can clearly see the surge in share. Deep dividend ETF share from 254 million in September 2nd to an increase of today’s total of 448 million copies, an increase of up to 76%; built letter 50B class share increased by a factor of up to two times a month, from nearly 200 million copies. Why, because these two funds were the largest holding of GREE electric, positions 10.03% and 12.01% (at the end of the two quarter data). Okay。 These two funds held by GREE, GREE resumption rose is not the net worth of these two funds rose. The answer is, even if the position of other stock market fluctuations, whether or not. Why, because the two fund positions GREE price is not the price before the suspension, otherwise this arbitrage is too simple. From February 25th onwards, the Ministry of finance to build a letter of 50 classification of GREE electric appliances, according to the index income method valuation, starting in February 29th, the depth of the bonus ETF on GREE index valuation method. February 25th to September 1st, AMAC electric industry index rose 16.08%.相关的主题文章: