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Vacation-Rentals Famous for its natural beauty, calm beaches, blue lagoons, mangroves, rain forests and friendly people, Samoa has be.e the place to go to in the South Pacific. The state attracts a large number of visitors each month .ing to enjoy a relaxing holiday in .bination with the experience of a traditional culture. An important part of a successful holiday is to find a good place to stay, fulfilling your dreams and needs. There are a great variety of hotels in Samoa, taking care of travelers individual needs each day providing them the best of what they want. Samoa ac.modations .e in a variety of shapes, sizes, locality and prices. Anything from big, medium or small sized ac.modations in bungalow style, private ac.modations, beach hut ac.modations and normal hotel room. The Apia city is the capital of Samoa and the hub for most markets, restaurants and a variety of hotels, for you to stay shop and enjoy at one central place. Most Samoa hotels in the heart of the state are very modern, luxurious and of fine class. However, there are other hotels in Apia looking into the needs of its visitors who do not wish to spend too much on living. Located within walking distance from the city centre, facing the Apia harbor a 3 story building hotel with a smart entrance wel.es its guests to beautiful, luxurious and spacious rooms fitted with air conditioner, television, mini refrigerator, telephone, hot water shower, hairdryer, tea/ coffee making facilities, selected toiletries and more. This hotel in Apia has the capacity to ac.modate up to 80 guests in its 22 luxury rooms and 14 budget rooms. Hotel Elisa is only 50 minutes drive from the Faleolo International Airport or a short 5 minutes walk from the busy streets of Apia town. It’s highly re.mend to book your hotel before your arrival to Samoa due to the increasing demand. The 22 luxury rooms of this hotel in Apia are divided into different categories depending on the view from the individual rooms such as the Ocean front rooms, Standard hotel rooms, Sea view rooms, Honeymoon Suite and Self contained rooms all priced differently for different customer needs. The other 14 Budget rooms however are not as luxurious but provide its visitors all the basic necessities required. The Hotel has a beautiful swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant catering to your needs for food and beverage. In addition it offers its customers a fast speed internet access and a huge modern conference room. The newly built centrally air-conditioned conference room in this Samoa hotel offers .fortable seating capacity for 100 members with modern electronic equipments and projectors. A restaurant and coffee shop is located within the conference area providing for quick breaks and lunches. So if you happen to be on a working holiday, check into a Samoan hotel with all these facilities to make the best of your vacation while you are at work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: