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Still crazy rush to the house? Do you know what the rich are buying now? Sohu finance Mid Autumn Festival, the factory took a trip back to the countryside, watching prices from the end of the year eight thousand or nine thousand, up to now, is really too crazy for the 25000! Prices rose higher, but did not extinguish the enthusiasm of the masses to buy a house. The threshold of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Shanghai drove sales people through divorce. Do not buy, fear more expensive to buy, is now the majority of people worried about the place, do not buy what can be a lot of people helpless place. Recently, the network spread a table called "from 2000 -2015, you miss the opportunity to make a fortune (every year," buy "is an opportunity  ); over the past ten years, smart investors are in the house, had made fortunes. So what are these smart people doing now? How to look at the property? After another round of skyrocketing housing prices, the domestic real estate dividend is gradually disappearing, a lot of high net worth crowd gradually reduce the proportion of real estate in the asset allocation. Survey shows that from 2004 to 2012, the proportion of China’s family property allocation from 62% to 55%. Survey 70% of respondents believe that the next few years, prices will fall in some cities in China, is not optimistic about the prospects for investment in domestic real estate in the next 1 years. Over the past two years, Li Jiacheng for Hongkong and the mainland to sell some assets to Europe from all sides and now even centre Hongkong’s top units for sale. Originally from Europe, they laughed at Li Jiacheng instead, results show that a British exit, and did not see a particularly large impact on the UK economy, but there is a turnaround. In contrast, Hongkong, falling house prices or even move out of the negative down payment, had to say that the withdrawal of Hongkong is a wise move. Li Jiacheng believes that the current European assets in the low stage, the mainland and Hongkong is high, reducing the high assets, holdings of low assets, in line with his investment philosophy. China’s second tier cities in high prices is an indisputable fact, but most people believe that prices will continue to rise. As for the high net worth population, the pursuit of investment is a high return on geometric growth, it is clear that China is no longer a good choice. What are the rich buying? Boston consulting for the high net worth population to do a survey: bank financing, public fund and stock is the largest number of three varieties. In addition, with more and more money in hand, people’s interest in overseas assets, gold and equity investments. Overseas property is undoubtedly the hottest property, but not to buy a house to buy on the line. Because in addition to some of the low value of the city, some cities can not escape the fate of the bubble burst. For example, the Canadian real estate, Canada in order to resist foreign Everfount into currency, to let the Chinese people have a stable housing environment, a new tax policy, which is equivalent to the government actively tap, betting against the housing market. Accounted for 76% of the number of foreign investors in China are crying, Vancouver property market in the past month fell by 20%, so that investors suffered heavy losses. Therefore, the overseas real estate investment can not be blind to buy, buy on the same high"相关的主题文章: