State Council issued a document to promote the transformation of physical retail innovation

The State Council issued a document to promote retail innovation and transformation of the Xinhua news agency in Beijing in November 11, recently, the State Council issued "on the promotion of retail innovation and transformation of views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), accelerate structural adjustment, innovation and development, realize the supply capacity and efficiency of cross-border integration, and constantly improve the goods and services made arrangements for the entity retail enterprises. "Opinions" pointed out that physical retail is an important basis for commodity circulation, is to guide the production and consumption of an important carrier, is an important channel for the prosperity of the market, employment protection. According to the current development of extensive retail, effective supply, efficiency of the outstanding problems, to institutional reform to build new environment, stimulate the transformation of new energy to promote the application of information technology, the retail entity to achieve the three changes from selling goods to guide the transformation of production and innovation of the way of life, from the extensive development to pay attention to quality and efficiency changes, from decentralized competition subject to synergy new ecological change. Opinions from the adjustment of business structure, innovation and development, promote the integration of the three aspects of cross-border integration of the clear innovation of the main tasks of the transformation of the 9. The adjustment of the business structure, to revitalize the stock and incremental optimization, eliminate backward and cultivate new energy simultaneously, promote the adjustment of regional retail structure, adjust the product structure adjustment of industry structure, and meet the residents consumption structure upgrading needs. The development of innovation, encourage enterprise innovation management mechanism, innovative organization, innovative service experience, promote the retail entity to make up the short board, gain advantage, improve the core competitiveness. Promote cross-border integration, promote the integration of online and offline, promote multi field collaboration, promote the integration of internal and external trade, through the construction of a new pattern of collaborative integration of retail. Opinions from the two aspects of optimizing the development environment, strengthening policy support to put forward the policy measures of the 7 categories. One is to strengthen the network planning. To revitalize the existing commercial facilities in a way of market resources, optimize the layout of the network, reducing the rental shops. The two is to promote decentralization. To relax the restrictions on store decoration, store renovation, outdoor marketing, support chain enterprises to set up non enterprise legal person stores and distribution centers, improve urban distribution vehicle access system. Three is to promote fair competition. Accelerate the construction of cooperation in the field of production and circulation, online and offline integration of the regulatory system, the establishment of a joint line of online and offline trustworthy incentives and dishonesty Joint Disciplinary Mechanism to effectively protect the fair competition. Four is to improve public service. To carry out the retail entity quality and efficiency of the special action, construction of the retail development environment evaluation index system, the construction of business public service cloud platform. Five is to reduce the tax burden. Create online and offline businesses tax environment for fair competition, implement the total branch of collecting tax, R & D expenses deduction, cancel invoice fee and tax support policy, continue to promote the price reform, the pricing mechanism of credit card fees. Six is to strengthen financial and financial support. Encourage the establishment of investment funds, increase investment in new technologies, new formats, new model, the pilot will be extended to the national Consumer Finance Companies, take a variety of ways to solve the online payment business needs. Seven is to carry out pilot demonstration driven. Encourage domestic distribution system to break through the system obstacles to the development of integrated and pilot city, open)相关的主题文章: