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Marketing The Ultimate Social Media Strategy for Business What is the ultimate social media strategy for business? This is very simple. You can write this down, circle it, star it, underline it, box it, highlight it – do whatever you want or take a picture, this is the biggest thing. You want to add value to other people’s lives. I just paused for like five seconds there to let that sink in, because this is not a hocus- pocus it only works in the 21st century era of social media, this is how you connect with other human beings and get them to do business with you period. And thats what makes it the ultimate social media strategy for business. It just so happens the principle doesnt change but the platform we’re applying that principle on is changing faster and faster until today we’re able to immediately get and receive feedback for the value we’ve created for others through platforms such as social media. First and foremost, be a value giver in social media. Whether you’re trying to get people to sell you a house, whether you’re trying to get somebody to gain trust in you to later invest in one of your projects, whether you’re attempting to get people to get on your buyer’s list, who want to find out more about properties you can provide for them – the number one thing you want to do is add value to those people. Lets say youre looking to attract people who could possibly be in foreclosure. First, you need to realize this is not a laughing matter, these are human beings and you need to approach them with a service mentality. By doing what I explained to you to do, you will come across in a way thats far above and different than the typical people saying I want to buy your housethat most people do. You have to slow down and feel empathy before you can build empathy for those people. Therefore, you have to approach that from a service mentality. In fact, if anyone wants specific tactics for doing that there are a number of articles Ive written on the Internet, feel free to Google the phrase, service mentality and foreclosure investing, and youll probably find them. However, specifically on social media, how you do that is not by offering people a drill. What do I mean by that? A drill is a tool. A tool is your ability to buy the house and get someone out from under a potential foreclosure, giving them that solution. The tool is you; however, they dont want you. They dont know you and they dont trust you. What they do want is a hole in their wall and that hole (speaking metaphorically) is a solution to get out from under their problem, not to have to worry about it anymore, to be able to sleep at night and move on with their lives. If thats a solution for a hole in their wall, that youre able to provide for them, they will not care that you can do that until they know that you care about them as a person, so you use the ultimate social media strategy of adding value as a way to show others that you care about them. Then, from time to time you let them know what solutions youre able to provide and ask them to refer their friends. Why do you ask them to refer their friends? Because its less invasive, less popping in their face saying I know youre in foreclosure I just knocked on your door, I have the lis pendens, and I know you need my help! Its much softer. If you or someone in your family or network may know of someone behind in their house payments, if you do, please understand that Im totally equipped, willing and able to help them, just have them call me. They can either rent their house and save it or sell it and get on with their lives. Im a solution provider in this area and leave it at that. Youre not saying I know you need help, youre saying you may know of someone who needs help and you may find that the very people who respond are those that you give that message to, instead of referring to their friends. However, they wont feel like youre like big brother with your hand on their necks already knowing everything about them, which quite frankly is what happens when youre one of those investors who does door knocking, which Ive done and which students of mine do. Theres nothing wrong with it, but it doesnt work on social media, because in social media people can close the door on you much easier by de-friending and getting rid of you or by not paying attention to you then they can when youre there on their doorstep. These are two different strategies that both work, but you use them with a different mindset and intent. So to sum it up, add value, be a professional, show empathy if youre dealing with someone in foreclosure. How do you get them on your list? Same thing, add valueIt doesnt matter whether that person is on your wholesale list as a potential buyer, a rehabber or landlord looking for potential properties, firstly they are human beings. Make them laugh, make them interested, make them curious and then make them your customers. Thats the ultimate social media strategy for business, and its that simple. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: