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Internet-Marketing Have you forgotten about the hoopla of iPhone secretly tracking you? Well, one emerging tech .pany has taken the flag and ran further than any other street team has before. Meet Steve Finley, creator of Hollywood Street Teams that RELY on cell phone tracking on their iPhone. The location tracking ability of the iPhone is one Hollywood Street Teams most essential and greatest selling tools. How is this done you ask? By providing evience in the form of time and GPS stamping that a person was actually AT that particular location. As the client, you can confirm your campaign is in action because pictures document the .panys work, then send back the information to the client in multiple fashions such as facebook, twitter, and of course a sleek looking .pdf file. Included in that information is a time stamp of the photo and the GPS Tagging as well, just in case you cant decipher the location from the picture. Before Hollywood Street Teams, .panies and especially record labels looked to generate hype by relying on fans or a handful of loosely assembled street teams that would volunteer to hit the pavement and engage people directly on the streets. The "old way" of doing things as Steve puts it consisted of passing out flyers, stickers, and cheap branded gimmicks such as bottle openers, beads, or my favorite, the keychain flashlight. However, how was one to know where this material was being distributed or to whom it went to remained a mystery. Hollywood Street Teams reporting solves the entire mystery. When you sign up for one of Hollywood Street Teams marketing packages, youre brand will soon be on the streets of Hollywood, California in a very visible fashion. Hopefully you have a cool looking brand because in Hollywood advertisers bring their A Game. The prices certainly arent cheap, starting packages are around $2,500 up to $10,000 but you might just justify the cost given the location. Never before has any street team that I have heard of been able to offer anything in terms of SEO / original content, however HST changes this and charges accordingly. The best thing this .pany has going for it is that they are the only ones sending out proof of their street activity (we got a report with a bunch of photos of our brand in the streets) and that they can tweet / post to facebook for you if you make the request. A lot of marketers are looking for new things to show off and handing this report to ones superior will look like you know how to pick out a good marketing .pany and are on the cutting edge of marketing. Plus, the SEO bonus is a nice new touch to any service and makes the sell easier. Theres an allure to the city of Hollywood. Its where American Idols get the golden ticket to. Everyone wants to be there including big and small .panies alike. The budget for this service is targeted towards the big dogs, but that doesnt mean anyone cant rub elbows with the streets of the famous. Lets just hope the walk of fame doesnt keep people glued to the ground so they miss your logo stuck up by hip young photographers at Hollywood Street Teams. They gather you content, they make your brand visible, and they charge for what they do. If you use them, youll have a lot of fun until it .es time to pay up. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: