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Silicon Valley LYVC:2017 winter is no longer, the capital will be more concentrated – Sohu technology since the end of 2015, Silicon Valley’s capital market into a cautious state, from the media to the industry, the capital of winter, said repeatedly. However, in terms of financing in 2016, the market environment is not as bad as it was supposed to be at the beginning of the year. According to the report released by PitchBook in 2016, the second quarter of August, the U.S. venture capital investment of $22 billion 300 million, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 11%. Capital winter has been quietly past, or never come? In 2017, as the world’s scientific and technological innovation source of Silicon Valley, but also what kind of early investment trends? The reporter interviewed the most famous American incubator Y Combinator partner and chief operating officer of Qasar Younis, Benhamou Global and 3COM Ventures well-known fund founder Eric Benhamou, as well as Silicon Valley’s top venture capital fund LYVC CEO Will Zheng, discussed the current situation and future trend of the Silicon Valley investment market and the mainstream of the ecosystem of Silicon Valley in the capital game player. Early investment trends: cloud computing, open source, network security, BGV founder Eric Benhamou according to the interconnection of all LYVC CEO and Will Zheng, the early investment direction of the year 2017, there is a general trend: all sorts of technological innovation to promote the digitization process, will continue to favor capital. Benhamou Global and 3COM founder Eric Benhamou over the past 20 years, the digital industry is bringing a full range of changes in the past years. Retail, financial services, health insurance, education, government industry, transportation industry…… Digital change everything, the future of this wave will continue. To promote the digital process, relying on the four major trends in technological innovation, namely: cloud computing, open source, network security and everything else. First, cloud computing has completely changed the mode of computing and storage, bringing a new market. Today, the mass data in the community for storage and computing have more challenges. The importance of cloud computing can not be ignored, especially in the enterprise market." Will says. Secondly, a large number of open source applications to promote the digital process. For example, the combination of open source and cloud structure brings SaaS business model, you can make the software to achieve a very micro level of consumption, the monthly fee charged to each user. These technologies combine to reduce the user’s consumption of advanced technology barriers, but also bring more market opportunities. Again, network security will be more and more attention. Today, people have more and more electronic assets, and these assets, constantly under attack. We must admit that hackers are one of the important reasons for the development of the network security industry. They force the industry to mature. "Eri.相关的主题文章: