Side servants memories the last day of Jiang Jieshi isobuster

Side servants memories: the study of Jiang Jieshi’s last day [Abstract] Taiwan "Central Research Institute" in modern history to visit the 31 servants around Jiang Jieshi, completed nearly 60 words in the oral history. Figure: in August 31, 1961, Jiang Jieshi and his wife in the Yangminshan residence accompanied by filial piety Wu (left) and Xiao Yong (right) chess, Song Boxiong (right two), Song Zhonghu (left three) watch. According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that Taiwan "Central Research Institute" in modern history to visit the 31 servants around Jiang Jieshi, completed nearly 60 words in the oral history. Not only records the Taiwan authorities "from the United Nations", Jiang Jieshi anger threw gas to tears, peaked cap, but also reducing "the last day of Jiang Jieshi". "Out of the UN" Jiang Jieshi "expected" Jiang Jieshi served as bodyguards, the group vice chairman of the Shun Jen recalled, October 26, 1971, by Jiang Jieshi to Daxi Hotel, "report from the United Nations that attaches to the news of Jiang Jieshi, Jiang Jieshi" the duck tongue cap picked off and thrown to the ground." Should shun Jen said, with Jiang Jieshi for so long, the first time he witnessed the tears. The authorities "foreign minister" money is Jiang Jieshi English as translation, he said in an interview in the book, from the United Nations back to Taiwan to Jiang Jieshi report after about 40 minutes, Jiang Jieshi looked very calm, simply said to him: "you are all hard, before you are not to go to the United States, I this result is expected to." Love love "plum typical" according to the observation of more than a personal car, Jiang Jieshi, walking, walking, will think of things, so shiweiguan dare to interrupt. Jiang Jieshi served as the chief officer of the guard Guo Binwei once said, walking in the garden, Jiang Jieshi suddenly said loudly "no, no!" Frightened side guards, for a long time just know that he is thinking of something. Jiang Jieshi served as the chief bodyguard officer Guo Binwei mentioned, Jiang Jieshi love plum, Song Meiling loves the rose. Jiang Jieshi once said to Song Meiling: "I like the fragrance of plum blossoms, and the smell of this perfume can make my head clear." He said that the residence was originally planted hundreds of strains of red cherry, cherry Jiang Jieshi one day special account to Yangmingshan, and have more plum in residence, Fu Xing Xiang angle plate mountain, Yangmingshan hotel. After the plum blossom season, Jiang Jieshi must take the time on the corner of the mountain to enjoy the plum, and pick a satisfactory plum sent to the study of Song Meiling. The residence chef Jiang Maofa Jiang Jieshi recalled, as long as you watch the movie, is for everyone to see, he was most impressed by the "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai", the residence and sowing a dozen times, "we also follow together". As the security guards at the residence of the Dai Weiheng said that if Jiang Jieshi does not love to pick the movie, he will say "the", we will know to let him love, starring Li Lihua and Yan Jun "typical". The last day of Jiang Jieshi on April 5, 1975, Jiang Jieshi died on the morning of the morning as usual, Jiang Jingguo will talk about that day, Tomb-sweeping Day, Jiang Jingguo is going to visit Taiwan Kuanyinshan before the "national security bureau director Chen Daqing tomb, and asked Jiang Jieshi to sleep well, Jiang even answer the two" good ah!" Jiang Jingguo to return to the news earlier相关的主题文章: