She disappeared after becoming popular, and now 32 years old again, still stunning ravbin

She soon became popular, now 32 years old and still appeared, stunning Bai Xue sun photograph you remember "energy-saving" in the "Fairy"? Actress Bai Xue because the role of fame. But in 2006 she finished the "Wu Lang", has always been very hard to update the blog Bai Xue suddenly didn’t send anything, nor her entertainment news, just disappeared, even have heard of supernatural events she "disappeared". Bai Xue and former Dicky Cheung stills but actually Bai Xue is traveling around, have married the ordinary day. In September 24th, 32 year old Bai Xue of micro-blog is also drying out their makeup photos, long hair, bright smile, although it looks slightly overweight, but the color is very good. Bai Xue in July 28, 2006, after the renewal of personal blog no movement, the show has not heard from her, about the bizarre disappearance of Bai Xue has become a mystery of the entertainment world. In 2012, ID "Bai Xue attracted the attention of users in its sweet" user released by micro-blog, after the confirmation of Bai Xue himself, the users began to publish micro-blog from 2011, from the content can be seen Bai Xue disappear this time travel abroad, and later married, and no abnormal events. Micro-blog also made it clear that she is just an ordinary person, no longer an actor, has been waiting for her fans expressed their gratitude. But in 13 years in August, the last ID micro-blog said WeChat began to play no longer appear. So netizens to guess her whereabouts, and even a lot of friends in the world and the disappearance of Bai Xue bean described as supernatural events, from her photos and words found in many strange places, people with hair standing on end. Later, when Bai Xue was missing the most bizarre rumors, "play" romance in the rain in the dream at Ping specially send photos to help clarify, said Bai Xue is very good, but also drying out the photos of her and her two sons. Later, occasionally in the circle of friends to see the news about Bai Xue. Earlier, Bai Xue has worked out our photo every 3 years, see the "Fairy" as the sun again, netizens immediately blasted pot, have a message: "ah, waiting for you for three years, please tell me this is really good to see you, I am happy ah, you are I have a three year love ah, ah ~ beautiful fairy". There are friends @ Dicky Cheung, said: "little fish eggs, your little fairy back".相关的主题文章: