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Dating (Atlanta, Georgia) "" Shay Williams, known to her fans as "Shay Your Date Diva" found dating to be a nightmare when she entered the dating game after her divorce. She cites that she learned many single moms, just like her were also experiencing horrifying dating challenges. Striking out did not stop "Shay Your Date Diva" and she set out on a mission to unlock the mystery of dating and finding love while being a single mom. Along the way, she discovered how single women can also find love. Certainly, no easy task for "Shay Your Date Diva" who dated over 100 men in nine months to author her hot selling manual "Single Moms Dating Guide to Catching The Man of Your Dreams in 30 Days." This handy instructional manual; focuses on guiding single moms on how-to find love and find love fast."Shay Your Date Diva" reveals that besides dating over 100 men in nine months, she read over 50 relationship books, interviewed hundreds of men, women, and also couples. "I discovered that there were common natural behaviors women do that either turn men off or turn men onor make men want to love, cherish and honor them," stated Shay Williams, "Shay Your Date Diva." She continues that because she was newly divorced when she entered the dating game, she had no clue about how the dating scene worked. Her lack of knowledge she stresses caused her to push men away and after one heart break after another she decided to go on a journey to uncover the secrets of understanding men, dating patterns and what it takes to attract the right man to you and win his heart no matter who he is or what a woman looks like. To find out more information please visit the website at . Shay Your Date Diva Press Media Kit: ..30daylove../shayyourdatedivapresskit.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: