Shanghai International Shipping Research Center Q4 container shipping and port is expected to contin

Shanghai international shipping center of shipping and port container: Q4 App: Sina Financial boom is expected to continue to live on-line bloggers to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Securities Times net (October 08) news trainee reporter Wang Yiming October 8, 2016, Shanghai international shipping Research Center released the 2016 third quarter Chinese shipping boom report the report shows the overall operating conditions Chinese shipping enterprises is still severe, China shipping boom index for 96 points, although the highest in nearly a year, but still a narrow range of recession. China Shipping confidence index was 64.69 points, is still in a recession. But the container shipping companies and port enterprises in the first to pick up, on line into the boom boom interval. Looking forward to the fourth quarter, the report is expected, container shipping companies and Chinese port enterprises are expected to continue to remain in the boom range. The report also said that the afternoon of August 31st, South Korea’s largest shipping company Hanjin Shipping to Seoul Central District Court filed for bankruptcy protection, according to the report, the global shipping patterns and container shipping price impact. According to China’s shipping boom survey shows that about 37.5% of the container transport companies choose little change; about 63% of container transport companies believe that freight rates will rise 5%-10% or up 10%-15%". The recovery of dry bulk shipping container bottom report, the third quarter of 2016, the shipping enterprise boom index for 97.94 points, in the weak range of recession; shipping business confidence index for 55.49 points, in a relatively sluggish range. Ship companies will continue to decline in investment in the ship, and generally increased the intensity of the power control, freight costs rise over the previous quarter. At the same time, such as the decline in operating costs and other factors, the company’s profitability significantly improved ship. According to China’s shipping boom survey shows that in the third quarter of 2016, the company’s earnings boom index was 118.4 points, compared with the previous quarter, a substantial increase of more than 24.67 points, directly into the relative boom range. The third quarter, the container transport business climate index was 112.25 points, since the first quarter of 2014 to return to the first quarter of the range of fourth. In addition to corporate finance and investment will ship capacity index is still in recession range, container shipping companies, freight revenue, earnings, liquidity loans and other major financial indicators in the booming region, the overall operating conditions of container shipping enterprise first to pick up. However, the general situation of container shipping entrepreneurs to maintain the overall situation of the industry, the container shipping business confidence index was 83.75 points, in the relatively depressed range. During the reporting period, the dry bulk shipping business climate index was 97.06 points, compared with the previous quarter rose sharply by 20.39 points, quickly rose to the weak depression range. Significant increase in freight revenue, operating costs further decline in corporate profitability significantly improved. According to China’s shipping boom survey shows that dry bulk shipping business earnings boom index rose sharply to 1相关的主题文章: