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  securities market regulation overweight; cautious speculation funds in the market — Shanghai channel — original title: brokerage funds back to the stock market speculation on National Day vacation after the first trading day, both the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index rose, rose 1.45% and 1.65%; the gem index rose more eye-catching, or up to 2.72%. A shares with a "good start" form of the fourth quarter of the market opened the prelude. In fact, there has always been a "seesaw effect" that the property market. National Day during the national each big city market regulation overweight, "rumors of market funds will be transferred to the stock market" is rampant again. However, the major brokerage strategy report recently released, are cautious about the four quarter A share trend. They believe that the regulatory policy has been introduced that the domestic policy environment changes, far-reaching impact on the A shares, will also bring style rotation changes, but many factors influencing the market is very complex, talk about "speculation funds into the city’s early". The influence of market regulation can not be ignored the degree of good stock market remains to be seen the major brokerage strategy report recently released show that the property market regulation policy to the market can not be ignored, after each round of market regulation will appear style changes, which is the focus of investors need to pay attention to. Real estate regulatory policies have been introduced, indicating that the domestic policy environment has changed." Haitong Securities analyst Xun Yugen believes that the fundamental point of view, the extent of the impact of real estate regulation on the stock market depends on the degree of drag on economic growth, the key to see whether monetary policy will be tightened up. Funding side, the real estate market will allow residents to control the allocation of assets change, the capital will flow into the stock market from the housing market, the need to assess the attractiveness of the stock market’s own investment, it takes time. In the past, each time the real estate market regulation will lead to changes in style, this will be more inclined to steady consumer stocks and white horse stocks, performance will be more obvious characteristics of the king. Everbright Securities chief strategist Zhao Yang does not agree with the real estate regulation to promote the return of funds A shares argument. A shares has not been a lack of funds, lack of money is the effect and enhance the value of the enterprise, but it takes time. If there is a big shift in monetary policy, it is necessary to guard against the risk." He said. CITIC Securities report also shows that the current real estate deal with the extent of the new capital market is limited. Report that, for a long time, the correlation between house prices and stock prices is not obvious, but since 2014, the trend was significantly negative correlation. The formation of this relationship depends on the level of interest rates down, asset shortage under the two can add leverage common attributes. Real estate deal extrusion in the cooling after sales during the National Day holiday funds have a positive impact on the liquidity of the stock market, but the degree may be weaker than the risk-free rate, because further downside is limited; tighter regulatory environment and high difficulty of stock funds leverage; real estate transactions investment funds after cooling the short-term difficult from the housing market withdrawal the housing market funds; shunt not only the stock market, the competitiveness of other assets is not weak. Shenwan Hong analyst Wang Sheng also said, can not simply think that the property market funds to move will trigger a new round of A shares rose. In his view, the real estate regulation will falsify demand recovers, the core features of the market is difficult to switch to the economy and good performance on)相关的主题文章: