Say to do Jordan Chan image of the big reversal of Willber Pan winflash

"Just do it" Jordan Chan Willber Pan image reversal Sina entertainment news of Hunan TV "come on, just do" the upcoming November launch. The day before the net exposure of a group of 45 second promo video, six men of God "fancy abuse", netizens see after the call: "too much information, we want to digest". In the film, the six men of God set and label is also the first exposure. "Old boy" Jordan Chan [micro-blog] happy singing, while twisting the body, "enchanting dance". Obviously, Jordan Chan is completely abandon the "big brother" burden, "funny" in the way "gone for ever"; always go cool route of the hip-hop king Willber Pan [micro-blog] it was accidentally labeled "chowhound" label, I saw Pan Shuai with a big mouth and swallowed the chocolate pie, while secretly licking tongue the steamed stuffed bun, "chowhound" nature completely unmasked. Not only that, "program group effort" to Pan Shuai actually made a pig nose, fans have a message said: "Pan Shuai was adorable burst, snack goods still handsome!". The art of the strongest sense of Babel [micro-blog] in the trailer is full of laughter, laughter is the "magic", Babel appears in the program not only can contract the bursting point he also laughs, "can’t stand". And recently appeared frequently show popular actor Sun Jian [micro-blog], in the trailer crazy Tucao, branded the "wit Tucao king" label, has good eloquence he is Tucao combat burst table; tough guy Duan Bowen, the handsome tough temperament seems to remain in the program, set up did not collapse, but what is not to wait until after the show to be seen. 95 little meat Xie Binbin "Adorable flower" on the screen, he wet water video, so fans say "can’t stand". I believe that after the broadcast of the program will be the embodiment of Xie Binbin, the girl’s heart harvester began crazy circle powder. In addition to the six brothers from outside of some fragments of adorable fun, video exposure also let the audience see the program group "sadistic skill". Even Willber Pan couldn’t help shouting "I quit" suspected "freak". Not only that, Willber Pan in the trailer also suffered the biggest crisis since entering showbiz, so fans have shouted abuse program group in the end how handsome pan? Really want to see". "Wit Tucao king" Sun Jian in the trailer is first put the rhetoric "who and who ah, and suspected to be" diabolical "program group" in addition to Sike in the end, Sun Jian still has a Tucao, in the video was silenced, "God didn’t really say what to listen" also sparked intense discussion of countless fans, and even many fans began to read Sun Jian’s lips, want to guess one or two. What happened on the island? Let Sun Jian in the trailer and the final program group open tear, crazy Tucao said: the most toxic is you". Program group frequency amplification strokes, the six brothers can happily play? More exciting, we see the outcome of November! (commissioning editor: Allen)相关的主题文章: