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Recovery of plain 3D printing, silently play Sohu [Technews] 3D Technology Science News printing boom tends to dull in certain areas, it is not generally play the good stuff, but tools for specific markets. Although is no longer a hot topic of media attention, but from the manufacturers do the seminar, in various niche markets, such as medical, aerospace, 3D printing is still quite useful, although not previously anticipated so shine, still can not be too discouraged for this technology. In 3D print user conference held at Stratasys, Stratasys and third-party in medical, aerospace, and general manufacturing industry, how to use 3D printing technology. Although the number is much less than similar activities in the past, but you can also see the vendors or individuals who are active, they are out of the 3D printing program, how to become a real practice is the actual case. For example, dental surgical correction, doctors need to help patients to judge the situation, and explains how to carry out follow-up treatment, the traditional method often use gypsum modeling, time consuming, the patient also had to endure the inconvenience of temporarily unable to move. Engaged in medical 3D printing, the medicine to face the living people, engaged in the medical use of 3D printing in Qing Ye said, the human body data must be obtained by reverse engineering methods, such as the modeling data, or medical education needs like model. And with 3D printing, you can save a lot of time and money costs, 3D printing features to provide a small amount of customization of the advantages of the product on the side of the play. To make 3D printing objects, in addition to the 3D printer, there is a 3D file. There are two ways to generate 3D files, the first one is generated using 3D drawing, the second way is to use the instrument to obtain data mapping. 3D drawing is a very useful thing, only a few cases are destined to use 3D drawing to draw. Medical ultrasound, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging methods from a variety of 3D interception, 3D printing in the field of medicine there are many ways to obtain the available data 3D printing. Another problem would be fine, or just a local model. Fortunately, there are software that can help filter out too much detail, leaving the most important part. The software is also able to select the local part of the file, select the output print. Although for the general public 3D printing is not much use, even the general printer may not buy. But in the manufacturing 3D printing is a small amount of production, verification of the design method. The design department, most had already bought a 3D printer, occasionally to print something out, meet the students to design something proofing needs, the purchase demand has been met. We can expect the future progress in manufacturing, 3D printing will be the most rapid, three five will be making things with 3D printing on news coverage, low cost than traditional way, and the speed increase the number of messages. Perhaps Report相关的主题文章: