Qigihar province is the lowest residential heating room temperature 20 ca1835

Qigihar province is the lowest residential heating room temperature 20 even day, the temperature began to decrease, some cities in Heilongjiang province at night the temperature has dropped to below zero. 28 days, reporters from Heilongjiang Province, a number of city heating up and around the main heating enterprises to understand, Heihe, Yichun, Shuangyashan, October 1st officially heating, which Heihe has started heating, households in part has been a hot gas. In considering the climate causes different heating adjustment, Shuangyashan extended the heating days, Qigihar took the lead in the implementation of the heating temperature not lower than 20 DEG C standard, and to implement the "heat costs do not increase the amount of" policy unchanged. Heihe residents of the home have a warm air over Heihe in early cold period come early, every year is officially heating in October 1st, since the beginning of September 27th this year, the Heihe thermal power plant began to pipe in the water for heating, heating in succession to urban users from October 1st onwards, comprehensive start heating. According to the Heihe thermal power plant control room Liu Xinyu, currently in Heihe City 65 heat exchange station has been put into operation, the heating area of 960 square meters, the heating operation in good condition, some households now have been able to feel the heat. October 1st, the district will achieve full heating users heating. October 1st October 10th Yichun Daqing Yichun heating heating heating branch of a dispatcher, Yichun officially heating date for October 1st, the company in late September 30th will be officially hot. Long Tang Jixi heating company said it would be in accordance with the provisions of the October 5th opening of the bolt heating, according to long Tang Jixi heating company staff Jiang Haixia introduction, the company heating area of 5 million 300 thousand square meters. September 20th, the company began on the two network partition pressure injection. Daqing Long Tang heating company, director of the Political Department Zhao Mingjian introduction, Daqing official heating date is October 10th. Shuangyashan heating period of 10 days in advance by 5 Denon Tang Shuangyashan heating company built Shuangyashan dance Qiao introduction, the annual heating date of October 10th to April 25th of this year, according to the local climate and local government requirements, the heating date was changed from October 1st to April 30th second, 10 days earlier than the annual heating period, postponed 5 days. Heating period from 198 days to 213 days, an increase of 15 days. Although the heating days increased, but no change in heat costs. Dance Qiao Qiao introduced, long Tang Shuangyashan heating company will be officially opened in October 1st at the zero heating. Qigihar heat costs unchanged at room temperature up to 20 degrees Celsius reporter learned from the Qigihar heating gas office, the heating season in Qigihar Province, the first implementation of the residents at room temperature of not less than 20 degrees C. At the same time, the establishment and improvement of the heating assessment and restraint mechanism, with clear rules to improve the quality of winter heating. Yao Guiwei, director of Qigihar heating gas department, the municipal government will come up with 5 million yuan of funds to set up a reward fund, a special reward for the work of the heating enterprise managers. Yao Guiwei introduction, the indoor heating temperature of residents did not reach 18 degrees Celsius, and the masses petition serious, great opinion, poor reputation of the enterprise, will be based on the "Heilongjiang city heating regulations" punishment.相关的主题文章: