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Real-Estate Jake loved the real estate profession. He had been selling homes for 8 years and had remained close with many of his clients. He worked for one of the larger realty companies and was consistently a top performer. Jake worked hard to stay on top of industry knowledge and prided himself on being a resource for his clients. His clear expertise and natural charm had helped him build a very solid client base. This past year as the market shifted and foreclosures increased, Jake was working longer hours with fewer sales. Is this happening to you?? In what appeared the worst time in recent real estate history, a rookie agent joined the sales team at Jake’s company. Paul was energetic and achievement oriented. Within 6 months, Paul was the top performer in the branch. He accomplished that feat without missing a single soccer game or family night at home. What was Paul’s secret? Paul understood marketing. He knew that that to be the best he had to establish credibility with his target audience and stand out from his competitors. Paul realized, It’s not what you know, it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you(tm)! While other agents were knocking on doors, Paul put together a bi-weekly podcast. Paul took advantage of his background in the construction industry to educate listeners on home construction and provided tips on evaluating a home purchase. Paul’s podcast enabled him to connect with potential buyers without a hard sell. Listeners subscribed to the podcast because they were interested in the information that Paul and his guests shared. The podcast enabled Paul to establish his credibility as an expert and increase his visibility in and beyond his market. Many agents, brokers and other industry professionals have failed to grasp how podcasting can help their business. So they continue using the same old tried and true techniques and continue to get the same old results. Podcasting enables you to reach a global audience without collecting a single frequent flier mile. Not all property owners live in the state or even country where they own property. While you may not be lucky enough to sell a home for Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, many regular folks in our mobile culture need a trusted professional. A podcast lets you cast a wider net beyond your local market, and for less money than local advertising. The success that Paul enjoyed is not uncommon. My weekly podcast and radio talk show have given me a national presence that I never would have enjoyed using old fashioned marketing tactics. I did not have a Madison Avenue marketing budget but I knew my market, and my opponent and I used technology to marry the two. I am now frequently sought out for my expertise in the market and am starting a 26 city national speaking tour as a result of the visibility from my podcast. News stations seek me out for real estate information that puts me in front of millions of viewers. But most of all, I get referrals which means money, contacts and more money. Technology can level the playing field allowing a little fish to swim in a very big pond. Do you need more evidence? Podcasting is an effective, cost efficient way to reach the most desirable markets. According to the Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet and Multimedia 2006 survey, 49% of Women and 51% of men surveyed have listened to podcasts. This makes it an effective medium to reach both sexes. The same study also revealed that Podcasters are well educated (with 24% holding advanced degrees), and more likely to live in higher income households. As icing on the cake, podcasters click on relevant advertising. Real estate is a competitive business and is changing by the day. It’s relatively easy to gain entry and you have the potential to earn unlimited income. These conditions create a fierce competition in neighborhoods across America. Yet many real estate professionals have failed to adopt a relatively easy marketing tool that could put them in front of millions of customers without ever leaving their office. Consumers are tired of being targeted with marketing and advertising that simply seek to push the features of products and services. When it comes to real estate there is also an immediate lack of trust. In May 2006, Harris Interactive conducted a poll asking "If you were getting professional help or advice from each of the following, how much would you trust them to give you advice which was best for you?" Only 7% of adult survey respondents would completely trust the advice of a real estate agent, which ranked them ninth out of 10 professions! Last on the list? Stockbrokers took the honor with only 6% of respondents completely trusting them. Podcasting overcomes the barrier of trust and advertising burn-out. A podcast allows you to educate rather than sell and in doing so establishing trust. Best of all; this amazing form of communication is accessible to anyone smart enough to take advantage of it That means you! Charles Butch Grimes is a real estate expert, entrepreneur, talk radio host, columnist and motivational speaker. Recognized as one of the nation’s foremost real estate experts, Butch has helped millions of realtors catapult their business through his educational broadcasts, books and speaking engagements across the country. For more lessons on podcasting or success in real estate, or to find out when Butch will be appearing in your city, go to: http://www.wetalkrealestate.com or send an email to [email protected] 相关的主题文章: