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Photos: Gloria Tang Ferris wheel and laughing instantly become big Erhualian Tencent entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, G.E.M. in the agent, accompanied by Zhang Dan, played the populist in the street soliciting free hosting visitors to play the Ferris wheel. According to field sources, G.E.M. package under the two Ferris wheel car for two hours, but also painted one of the compartments, in the seat draped pink cushion. The report also pointed out, is mainly responsible for soliciting staff, and their chosen target in Hong Kong, including a couple, daughter, friend, or even to wedding wedding couples. It is understood that the selected lucky are all surprised, but also willing to wait for the presence of close contact with G.E.M.. With each G.E.M. people each time the ferris wheel will sit 3 feet during the turn, more staff kept the props onto the ferris wheel, including the rabbit head hoop, blisters etc.. After the "lucky" said G.E.M. in the car in addition to their hot chat, photo, more with "sing K artifact" as "private performance" for them, and they play more games, the program is rich. The person also said that G.E.M. was eventually painted face, but she is still on his stoop to laugh, zero shelf. Have the fun of G.E.M., finally add to play until ten pm. Gloria Tang 25 years old birthday will laugh at yourself, "old bacon"相关的主题文章: