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Peter was suspected of child abuse has been involved in the investigation of FBI Sohu, foreign media reported. The Sohu entertainment entertainment news (Sohu   Maggie Ma North America station; Wen) Angelina Julie and Brad Pitt divorce news continues to ferment. On the cause of the divorce led to speculation, and even 21 days after media reports Pitt had abused children after drinking, and police have been involved in the investigation. And the news soon by the Losangeles Police Department said the rumor, and did not receive or survey about Peter child abuse case.     TMZ in the evening of 21, the news release, said Peter in the 14 day was drunk and crazy behavior, the children started, and some people report to the Losangeles police station. However, the Losangeles police department has issued a statement on the 22, said they did not do any of the child abuse investigation on Pitt, there is no case on the pitt. According to TMZ latest news, Losangeles police LAPD said the child abuse case has been handed over to Brad Pitt FBI. The reason is based on the report of an anonymous whistleblower, the incident occurred in a flight from France to the United States, has exceeded the jurisdiction of LAPD. On the other hand, Losangeles County Department of children & families (L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services) is also the media request confirmation, but the spokesman Neil Zanville refused to show Peter whether to accept the investigation, because they are protected by law shall not disclose any information of the parties. According to CNN reports, Pitt is indeed in line with the investigation of an organization, and only one of the six children involved in the matter. The insider revealed to CNN, Peter is a good father, he thought it was an accident, I hope things calm down as soon as possible. Julie Pitt divorce event review] Beijing time on the evening of September 20th, according to foreign media reports, Angelina formally filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. They began dating from 2004 -2005 years, and married in August 2014, just after the two anniversary had separated. According to the documents, the two were officially separated in September 15th. Also pointed out that Julie to get custody of the 6 children, while Pitt has a joint custody, but only to be visited. In addition, according to gossip media TMZ said that the two children on the way the children have serious differences in education, and lead to divorce. Subsequently, Angelina – Julie by lawyer Robert Offer issued a statement confirmed that she had filed legal documents for Brad and Pitt divorce, this move is to "family health" reasons, not for Julie to comment on the matter, and to protect their family’s privacy. As for the reason, the gossip media TMZ refers to the custody of 6 children, Julie claimed that Pitt marijuana, alcohol may be, and anger management problems, will harm the child, but did not point out that there are third. Page Six and gossip media refers to Peter Julie that derailed his cooperation with the new Marion – goidie相关的主题文章: