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Pepsi CEO Indra again ranked the world’s 50 most influential women in the new network in the new network on 19 September, the United States recently, "fortune" magazine published the "2016 top 50 most powerful women list, PepsiCo Inc chairman and CEO Ms. Indra (Indra Nooyi) ranked second. MS Lu Yingde has been on the list for years. MS Lu Yingde has been chairman and chief executive officer of PepsiCo Inc for 10 years. Under her leadership, the market value of PepsiCo Inc has increased by over 18% in the past 12 months. Investors believe MS Luinde’s push for healthier food and drinks will be rewarded. In addition, investors are also happy to see PepsiCo Inc in the past three years has cut the cost of $3 billion. From a native India girl to the head of a fortune 500 company, Ms. Indra led from a PepsiCo Inc, specializing in the production of carbonated drinks and food and leisure companies, successful transformation into a development in carbonated beverages, health food and drinks on the company. In 2015, PepsiCo Inc sales of more than $63 billion. Lu Yingde graduated from India College of the Church of Madras, with a bachelor’s degree; after studying at the Calcutta India School of management and MBA; and then to the Yale University graduate, received master’s degree in public and private management. "The world’s 50 most powerful women" is the world’s leading financial magazine "fortune" selection of the female characters in annual rankings, the selection criteria including road occupation stability and development of every female candidate firm size and status, in the global economy, and its business to the candidates, the social cultural influence.相关的主题文章: