People’s Daily reducing the cost of the real economy is a priority

People’s Daily: reduce the cost of the real economy is a pressing matter of the moment reduce the cost of the real economy is a pressing matter of the moment, but covers a wide range, must breakthrough, reduce the transaction costs of a good system that moves the upper hand before the State Council issued the "real economy" program to reduce the enterprise cost, launched eight 30 reduction initiatives combined cost. Welcomed by entrepreneurs. There are entrepreneurs with emotion, "this is for the winter China economic entity, in addition to water, unloading the sandbags." In recent years, the real economy is not good. From a market perspective, many industry downturn, overcapacity caused prices diving, in the Pearl River Delta, some factories still exist this situation: orders just to maintain plant operation; from the expected development, industrial enterprises lack of confidence, some people began to flee, a boss to close the factory to buy 4 suites, but also no emotion buy more…… Reduce the cost of the real economy, is a complex system problem, not only related to the profit efficiency, enterprise ability, more related to the investors pay more attention to the real economy, needs the enterprise and the government hand in hand force. In fact, many companies have been trying to get rid of the dilemma through innovation and upgrading, both lean management, or machine substitutions, can be said to be a penny to a flower with eight petals, can pull, the province, can be reduced, do. However, relying on the efforts of micro main body, reduce the cost of space is limited to the cost of innovation to dilute the cost of a long time, not enough to deal with the current passive situation. Therefore, the State Council is the combination of lower costs of the real economy enterprises play, is tantamount to timely assistance. In fact, in the two wings of the cost reduction, the role of the government to play a very large space. A large proportion of the cost of the enterprise can only be adjusted by the "visible hand". For example, the revised policy law can adjust the "five social insurance and one housing fund deposit ratio" legal costs, reduced by the examination and approval, to reform the system certification "system cost", and severely punish corruption to eliminate the "chinakayao" "hidden costs", these enterprises are not spending that and want to drop to fall "". Cost reduction means that the redistribution of interests, to the executive level, can be described as difficult. For example, all significantly Yajian administrative approval pre intermediary service matters, the move is that some administrative agencies and "red intermediary" cheese; and reduce the cost of electricity, not only is the electric power enterprises and power enterprises with the interests of the game, also relates to the use of electric enterprises in the rush to eat crab "how heavy the cake. No "courage to dare kenyinggutou, involving rapids" the spirit is not enough. Reduce the cost of the real economy is a pressing matter of the moment, but involves a wide front long, must breakthrough, under good chess upper hand. Compared with the explicit cost, it is very important to reduce the transaction cost. Its influence is dual, not only refers to the burden of enterprises but also about economic efficiency. In more cases, the impact of the high cost of institutional transactions on the operating efficiency of enterprises, may be more serious than the burden, but also hurt. Institutional transaction costs can not fall down, China’s economy towards the high-end level may become empty talk. GREE Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu said, do not give money, we do not support policies, we want a fair,.相关的主题文章: