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People comment: "know how in the corrupt IQ below"? – View – People’s Daily recently, Bai Enpei case verdict, the bribery of more than 240 million, as well as a huge source of property is unknown, the tongue. Looking at the corrupt officials sacked in recent years, found that many people have a common feature, that is hidden in the hundreds of millions of dollars and not dare to use, equivalent to when the obligation warehouse administrator". Such as the "tiger" level between Zhu Mingguo, Wan Qingliang, "the fly" level between Ma Chaoqun and Wei Pengyuan, are trying to bribe billions of dollars. In the inventory of the money, and some money to burn several currency-counting machine, some hidden for a long time to damp and moldy, once become a public talk at leisure. Think of the history of the famous story of Tao guo. So successfully through out Jin Guo Yu, the key lies in the corruption by the piece of jade with a jin of bribery, and to its open convenient ways, the result is the lips death and teeth cold, Yu Jin was also annexed. After the doctor Jin Xun Xi Bi and also on the horse parade, Duke Xian said the famous words: "it is also Bi Judah, and carry on longer p.!" The implication is that the horse was still Bi Yu, only free when a "property administrator", which was a satire on the corruption of the. From the corrupt corrupt property by ending, this greedy hidden bribery money, and the horse and jade what distinction? In the words of the greedy, greedy always want to use the money, or greed it do? But they were afraid of being found, but deep and not, I am afraid that after the safe landing and then re-use. However, in the eyes of the people, a few lifetimes are not spend money, greed it? Greed is not afraid to use, afraid to find, greedy it? This is precisely the face of corruption of the two kinds of thinking, greedy only look at the front, the people see the results, the problem is that people will not use the greedy thinking. So, why not greedy from the inevitable collapse of the outcome of the forced out clean sober behavior? Why always luck, don’t see the danger behind the corruption, I will hand caught the inevitable? In the opinion of the doctor Jin Xun Xi, this is a corruption of the IQ of a problem. He persuaded the Duke Xian sent Bi Ma Yu to Gongshi, with a strong argument. "Cardiff play and fortunately before and after suffering in a country, the above is to consider the known material; Chen Yu Jun, in the following", he thought, only moderate intelligence more people to worry to Guo after the demise of problems seen in pet products when the intelligence of Yu Gong poor people, where to get out of the state of Yu, is dangerous? The IQ of the corruption in the know the following, not so much the cause of corruption, as it is the result of corruption. One thousand years ago, Yu, as xunxi expected average IQ is really. But today, many corrupt people, it may not really low intelligence. Needless to say, many corrupt and even an ace director. Even in the corrupt and evade supervision, some is very smart, calculating, fold pattern. The key is, they opened the gate for lust, see color can not be made, in the desire to meet inextricably bogged down in the mud, so that the shielding and even loss of the official politics of great wisdom, great wisdom. Is the so-called color, lingzhi blinded by lust for money fans, is the desire to indulge so greedy to "know the automatic IQ below")相关的主题文章: