Peach pear white Julian Cheung Anita Yuen, a Hermes seckill all chicken soup

Peach pear white: Julian Cheung Anita Yuen, a Hermes seckill all peach pear white chicken soup: media columnist Ge Yiran, the original entertainment media, is committed to the attitude of entertainment. Public number: geyiran666. The Shuyi Ling Ge         vision; map, from the network circle, some time ago a baby divorce to worry about, and all star recently made of sugar dog abuse. On Saturday, Hsu Chi announced his marriage, on Sunday, the 45 year old birthday, Anita Yuen, sent a happy face micro-blog. Xu all around good wishes, the sun made his son’s breakfast, the focus is: Hyun husband Julian Cheung sent a birthday gift – bag! This is the latest Hermes bag, picnic bag rattan series, price: about $20000. See not? Tips of an old married couple, is so capricious, simple, rough: send bags! Would you please send this article to your spouse? Because it’s better than any chicken soup! Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung married, at first is not optimistic, because the woman is very red. Anita Yuen is the first miss Hongkong 90s, a beautiful aura, is the first movie, best newcomer, best actress for second years, third years to won best actress. Was the first Hongkong film awards. The movie "new love", Anita Yuen plays the street’s daughter Armin, suffering from bone cancer was happy and cheerful, and played by Sean Lau Adger fell in love, many people see you cry. In 1992, Anita Yuen took "the prodigal son", alongside Julian Cheung, and began a two-year underground affair. Two years later, at Anita Yuen’s birthday party, Anita careless slip of the tongue, after consultation, two people at the concert, sang "love" notice, the initiative to publish romance. No wedding, no banquet guests, not the full payment of the marriage room. 2001, two people secretly married abroad, in 2006, Anita Yuen gave birth to his son, Zhang Mutong. In 2011, Julian Cheung held his first concert in the mainland, All seats are occupied. near the end, he began to talk, my love story. In fact, as early as the two of us, I already like her, she may not know, so I often go back to TVB pretend to meet her." Julian Cheung said: "together 20 years seems like yesterday. Like a person, and finally can marry and have children, on the innocent is to me not thin." In general, only wrote fairy tale wedding is over, because I know: in the marriage, and not love as in the cloud, even the prince and princess, there will be occasional trifles, strangle each other two hundred times the impulse. Julian Cheung Anita Yuen is the first face, the wealthy nurturing storm. In 2007, girl Anita Yuen on the upright "dinner Zhiyun", confessed his involvement in the wealthy family, being nurturing. "You think, when I was 20 years old, he sent me the difference between the 20."相关的主题文章: