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Deep grilled Victoria Secret Angel Super cruel figure, you meet a few? Introduction: growth in this "red" index of the times, Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper is more than a generation, recently an American girl is more and more hot, on the cover, commercials, become the new star angel’s pitch… The girl is beyond the ken of visual beans and Gigi, become the new Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper, but after all she meets the most brutal in the history of a standard! (source: Claire network)? She is America’s sweetheart Taylor Hill? The girl was born in 1996, when 14 years of the first landing on the stage of Vitoria’s secret, and has now become the new masters of the angel’s ready to pitch. At last year’s Vitoria show, the American dream is wearing beautiful girl she is up 15 and 16 years is the peak of her career, N gains much brand shows and advertising, has become a "brush face" sweet girl. Taylor Hill for Atelier Versace HauteCouture Fall Show Taylor Hill for Michael 2016 Kors BohemianSummer 2016 Taylor Hill for Marchesa F W 16 Show but not thin Yan high value can walk even when today’s angel, Xiao Jia came to you how Scrabble at home can also be an angel with a perfect figure get! Victoria’s Secret "figure requires about 1.75 metres in height, waist circumference 61 cm 61 cm waist circumference is 1 feet and 8 inches in 3 yards, have been properly referred to as" waistline ". The Taylor’s waist is 56 cm, is simply the reality version of the small waist fine". This slender waist is really a hand can hold. Can lay the embodiment of the "small waist fine action: abdominal volume movement advanced version, will be cross, and then use the power of the abdomen to do sit ups. Action two: lying on the ground, try to lift your legs high tension leg. Action three: lying on the ground, legs apart in the sky D shape up. Supermodel turned Buff: lying can not delay the beautiful home every day feel tired not to want to give yourself a mask reward? Just lying there is nothing to do, it is better to do on the top of the small waist fine action, do not waste any minute to help you solve the lazy excuse. Xiao Jia recommended: pet name hyaluronic acid blue copper peptide moisturizing mask RMB 3153 tablets is effective to increase skin moisture, moist cutin layer, enhance water retention and barrier function. Collocation small molecule hyaluronic acid developed, with high permeability and high moisture characteristics, molecular pores can rapidly penetrate the skin, less joint molecules grab hyaluronic acid moisture, penetrate deep into completely and effectively, make the skin moist and full of flexibility. Avene repair mask RM!相关的主题文章:

Apple watch2’s ticwatch in Hongkong Watch Fair hot – Science and technology Sohu

Apple Watch2’s Ticwatch but after Hongkong Watch Fair hot technology Apple Corp – Sohu one and a half years once again launched a new generation of smart watches AppleWatch2, although this watch in performance have a lot of upgrading, and support 50 meters waterproof and built-in GPS function, adding even AppleWatch2 pull PokemonGo did not let people have too much enthusiasm, compared to iPhone7, iPhone7Plus, everyone’s attitude towards AppleWatch2 is very cold, isn’t this AppleWatch2 smart watch not yet, perhaps this great extent to a cause can not be separated from the bad experience of AppleWatch1 generation products. Ticwatch2 in the Hongkong Watch Fair sought after Baidu AppleWatch2 index is 150 years ago, in contrast to the recent watch and watch exhibition held in Hongkong, smart watches have become the focus of this exhibition. As one of the famous clock and watch exhibition in Asia and the world, the Hongkong Watch & clock show has attracted the attention of many clocks and watches manufacturers, in addition to the traditional watch manufacturers, smart watches are also the first appearance of this event. The Hongkong Watch Fair, we observed an interesting trend is that many traditional watch manufacturers will gradually move closer to the intelligent, for example, some manufacturers in order to attract users will increase the number of sports function, creating the concept of intelligent light. And some smart watch manufacturers will look more like a traditional watch, to meet the needs of the traditional taste of watches. Ticwatch2 hot this exhibition we see that traditional smart watches have become mainstream, smart watches are no longer confined to the category of digital category in the traditional watch area also occupy a space for one person. But if you want to have a better development of smart watches not only in the function of continuous innovation, the appearance of a timely manner has become the focus of attention. More than a year ago, we can see that every kind of smart watches, but a year later, a lot of smart watches have been out of our sight, of which a large part of the reason is because the appearance design is deviated from the traditional watch, so many accustomed to the traditional watch is very difficult for users to accept those of odd shape modeling. There is a lot of brands under the banner name of intelligence without any intelligent function, if two years ago you can watch phone so really smart, but now, if your watch is only a few single function may be difficult to be recognized by the user. Another important point is that compared to traditional watches, smart watches want to move to the world with a high threshold, that is the language. Compared to some of the smart brand abroad, they want to enter the China, you need to rely on the power of Chinese, take Google for example, Google launched the AndroidWear although it is indeed very good, but for the people, not a lot of experience in Chinese localization, unable to achieve a good, which is why they will choose to go out and ask the a.相关的主题文章:

A it is said that this is a few moments most men let you dancing 三色网

A: it is said that this is what is the man most let you instantly rippling moments most men let you move? The most China characteristic of the answer is: "when" wallet, actually this is not entirely the worship of money, after all, you are willing to spend money a man must find you. The other side of the ocean the Americans also voted on Distractify, the results of the election’s conscience, look at a few moments to tease you…… Twelfth when he found a large amount of deposit in the United women are how paper money like dirt, he put it in the ten row away! I think Chinese national husband Wang Sicong, with only two magic weapons: cannon mouth hanging open and money, you can win thousands of sister paper (or man) in a micro-blog message shouted "X my husband". The graceful song and Crestron photo, temperament is not a bit like the Internet today will spray the initiative to look for a job ah hao. But the answer is not high ranking also has certain basis, even if he has a lot of money, but it will not give you flowers! Eleventh clean the home when the love is clean and active will clean the home of the man, is not to add to the explosion? It is also the ten big, old beauty of the female paper are in the use of sweeping robot? The next step is not a man can also be…… Machine replaced? The man in the cleaning time, if you look carefully, is very charming. Watched him carefully clean the window to clean the floor, he can take care of all have a sense of security: he put off clothes thrown into the washing machine, an instant dark start button, start your heart: tenth fix something this point belongs to lore! The air conditioner in the house is broken, the water pipe is blocked, and the bulb needs to be changed…… Even the assembled IKEA furniture, all these men all can solve. Naked upper body repair things do not know for hair, anyway is a good for you. Ninth rolls up his sleeves and was not ready to roll up our sleeves when rack up, but get up early in the morning, he silently in front of the mirror finishing shirt sleeves, attentive and manly, how can the girls not be tempted? The general procedure of the roll sleeve is as follows…… If the shirt doesn’t fit enough, it can only give a bad. Here is the right model. Eighth when wearing a uniform this should be well understood, and many men have a strong sense of the women’s uniforms, then…… Why can’t a woman’s uniform with a man be like a flood? Whether it is Orlando or Bloom: that uniformed Yan value doesn’t slip away with fat little plum: or in real life, the Swedish Royal Prince Philip:   even the Mediterranean prince — William in uniform behind, all charm double! Seventh list of hand hair when the action is the charm of the point is: casual, not deliberately, to be free. Any too deliberately provoke hair will be girls as a narcissist. After all, beauty is the most fascinating thing without knowing it. ;相关的主题文章:

U.S. military research and development of ultra high speed artillery or into an important force in t p8400

U.S. military research and development of ultra high speed artillery or into an important force in the future anti missile (Figure) – Sohu military channel data figure: U.S. military launched hypervelocity projectile test. According to the Navy information network reported on September 19, 2016, after the government and the private sector into consideration, the United States Department of defense will no longer have railguns as an important platform for the next generation of anti missile, but is developing a super high speed conventional artillery technology is expected to become an effective means to deal with future high-end rival large scale missile firepower. The origin of early new concept weapon — Electromagnetic Railgun electromagnetic railgun called electromagnetic rail gun technology concept principle is relatively simple: it consists of two parallel tracks, the projectile sandwiched between two tracks; two rail access to power, the current flow to the projectile to orbit another orbit have a strong magnetic field, magnetic field and current interactions, the Lorentz force powerful projectile, achieve high speed (theoretically to Daya light, it is almost impossible to achieve). It is a typical and unique kinetic energy weapon, which can be used to combat anti-ship missiles, tactical ballistic missiles, surface to air missiles and anti radiation missiles. Electromagnetic railgun is a new concept weapon, but the origin of this invention has been eighty or ninety years of history. The electromagnetic rail gun invented by French vhailor Rupert in 1920. In 1944, Dr. Hensley of Germany developed electromagnetic railgun 2 meters long, 20 mm diameter, the weight of 10 grams of cylindrical aluminum projectile acceleration to 1.08 km / sec; in 1945 he was the 2 door electromagnetic railgun series, the projectile speed reached 1.21 km / sec. During World War II, Japan has also studied the acceleration of electromagnetic railgun, and 2 kg of the projectile speed to 335 M. However, due to the key problems such as material and power can not be solved, the research of electromagnetic railgun is in a bottle neck. In 1978, Australian National University physicist Richard Marshall and John Barber et al use of electromagnetic railgun is 5 meters long, the quality of 3.3 grams of plastic projectile to 5.9 km / sec speed of the successful launch of a breakthrough. After the end of the cold war, with the change of the American and Western defense thoughts, the research focus of the application of the electromagnetic rail gun was shifted from the strategic and the space defense to the conventional war and the tactical application. The United States Army made a focus of technology program (FTP), for about 5 years, will invest $500 million in initial kinetic energy increased to 20 MJ, the velocity reaches 3-4 km / sec, investment of $220 million, making a research prototype and the force is transmitted repeatedly certain; and then two years the test and improvement, enter the full size technology verification phase, the implementation of advanced technology demonstration program, to meet in the air defense, anti missile, anti armor and other weapon system requirements from the research of general weapons. In addition to the United States, Western Europe, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and Russia are involved in the study of electromagnetic railgun technology. The main direction of development of the British electromagnetic railgun is equipped in the future main battle tank. France and Germany decided to jointly develop electromagnetic railgun, plans are divided into.相关的主题文章: