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Orthodox elegant English afternoon tea, this is the original of the Sohu and the recent cold weather, there are a lot of tea in the South Ming lady bought Black Tea, Dong Yue said with reference to the tea drinking method (ID:dyshuocha) Black Tea share, adjusted to drink tea at home. A cup of sweet tea, a dish of exquisite dessert, an instinct to let the mind the rest of the book, enough to make people feel full of warmth in the cold weekend afternoon. Speaking in the afternoon to drink tea, eat snacks, will naturally associate with elegant, full of British style English afternoon tea. Today, Xiao Bian and everyone to understand what is the orthodox elegant English afternoon tea. Of course, want to know more Black Tea tea tea tea please South Beauty micro number: with the exchange of learning. [origin] tea standard British tea (AfternoonTea), from the nineteenth Century British aristocracy traditional life: they lived in the country manor, eat a big breakfast, lunch and dinner is relatively simple, at about 8 to 8:30, in this case, 4 pm to 5 o’clock, people will be hungry. In 1840, British Bei Dove Duchess Ms. Anna, every day at 4 pm to commanded his servants, butter, bread and cake to eat. Later, Ms. Anna invited a few close friends, sharing this relaxed afternoon time, did not expect a moment, this simple way of eating at the time of the British aristocracy in the circle of social fashion. This is the so-called "Vitoria afternoon tea" origin. To this day, this simple meal has become a kind of elegant and free afternoon tea culture, but also become an important part of the British tea culture. [content] afternoon tea in the Vitoria times (1837 to 1901) the traditional afternoon tea, people with the best room in the house, porcelain reception is absolutely necessary, and the finest tea and exquisite snacks is the protagonist of afternoon tea. Melodious classical music with foil, relaxed mood and friends spend an elegant, leisurely afternoon tea, is a very pleasant way of gathering. One set of standard English afternoon tea: tea, sandwiches, cakes and desserts. The tea must be black tea. The service was for the British Queen Elizabeth II for 22 years, and had to make arrangements for the wedding chef Prince William AntonMosimann once said: "the afternoon tea tea is Ceylon tea, English tea and tea Chinese, but should always be Black Tea, we will not drink Jasmine Tea at tea time." There is a lot of tea friends will ask the topic: Tea Riga milk? The answer is yes, look at individuals. As for the first tea or milk, is a more controversial topic, and some said that after the first tea and milk, can better regulate the taste of milk tea, and some say it is the first time after adding milk tea. The sandwich: afternoon tea the most indispensable sandwiches taste for cucumber, CreamCheese (an immature, white color, delicate texture, taste sour, full fat cheese) Scotland smoked salmon with chopped white Boiled Egg. Other common flavors are ham and tea相关的主题文章: