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  opened the seventy-third Venice Film Festival; four Chinese films debut screenings – media – original title: four language film screenings debut seventy-third Venice International Film Festival will be local time on the evening of August 31st (Beijing time at the official opening in September 1st). As one of the three oldest European Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival will have a large number of popular film debut. Not only the old lady "Kusturica, Terrence Wim, Marek?? Wenders, Andre? Kangcha Lovskey brought new; has not reflected the first fire Oscar seed, such as Villeneuve’s" come ", Damien?" the Chazelei Philharmonic city "and Tom Ford?" nocturnal animal "etc.. Unfortunately, this year’s main competition unit did not see Chinese film figure. Four Chinese films at the Venice Film Festival, four Chinese movie screenings will be unveiled. The film "where you are", a film directed by Fan Haolun, the mainland ‘s new director, is the only Chinese film to be invited to participate in the "focus China" event, which will be the world premiere in Venice on September 5th. The film by the young actor starring Jing Ke, is a show of special social problems of child trafficking and domestic violence and other types of crime films. The film tells the story of a young mother Wang Nan (Jing Ke ornaments) with a small daughter fair, but her daughter was traffickers story. The film tells the story of multiple narrative clues, after the cause of dubious city crime of trafficking in children, and to explore the human nature and the truth. The film is also a finalist in the 2016 International Film Festival and the fourth Vancouver Chinese Film Festival, and the twenty-fifth annual film festival in China style show. Taiwan director Zhao Deyin’s new work, "goodbye tile City," the "Venice day" unit, will be held in Venice, the world premiere, the film starring by Ke Zhendong and Wu Kexi, which is the first work after the return of the work of the. He played in the film from Burma to Thailand to the illegal workers, and Wu Kexi have emotional drama. Italian Coproductions coffee "storm" will also be in the "Venice daily" screenings. In addition, the mainland director Wang Bing’s new work, bitter money finalists horizon unit". Oscar Damian vane? Chazelles director "Philharmonic city" was selected for the seventy-third Venice Film Festival opening film, the film’s producers will quickly adjust to the schedule in November this year, intends to impact the Oscar oscar. Since the "blowout" director drummer, Damian Chazelles fame rushed up?. The Philharmonic "city" as the background, with Elmar Stone and the Ruian jazz?? starring Gauss Lin, get a good preview at the beginning of the year after. In addition, the director Denis Villeneuve? "Come" is also considered the impact of the Golden Lion Award and Oscar’s powerful works. The film is based on the nebula award and Hugo prize winner, Chinese American science fiction writer Jiang Nan’s short story, "the story of your life.". As one of the most promising director Denis Villeneuve today? "From the city" to "scorched earth", from "the prisoner" enemies "killer" to develop border forms, action, suspense and other types of films, now he broke into the science fiction film, not only directed "come", also served as the "Blade Runner 2" the director, the latter is expected next year)相关的主题文章: