Native American Jewelry Is Americas Natural Prettification-yuria

UnCategorized Jewelry was the main item that the Native American Indians used to use for the trading purposes. Before the arrival of the Europeans, the use of jewelry was mainly done for the barter exchange. They used to make the jewelry with the simple materials like feathers, shells, stones and bones. The jewelry made of these things was used to be worth watching. These people were well versed in this art of making jewelry with these materials as it was the main source of their in.e as well. There were different tribes and these tribes have special designs that they used to contrive for their jewelry items. As the time progressed, they learnt to make the jewelry making use of different metals and gem stones. There are two main categories that are considered to be the jewelry genres of these tribes; metal work and bead work. These tribes seem to have such a strong and vivacious tradition that their hand crafted jewelry, after creating a mark of its own is still popular amongst the masses. Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Santo, Domingo and Pueblo are the famous Indian tribes and their respective jewelry is very popular and has be.e a characteristic of their own. All of these tribes belong to the Southeast America. And the interesting thing is that the jewelry designs and patterns differ from tribe to tribe. Each of them seems to have a unique quality that the other does not possess. The favorite metal used by these tribal artists is silver and the most .monly used stone is turquoise. The Indians believe that this very stone is the stone of the gods thus very special and sacred so they made use of it in their jewelry products. South western jewelry make use of amethyst, mother of pearl, chariot, coral, jasper, topaz, onyx and pink shell as well. In the olden times, the coins were used as the buttons and now some stones are being used as for the same purpose. Rings, cuff bracelets, pendants, bolo ties and earrings are the main native American jewelry items that are mostly hand crafted and truly a piece of quality work. These jewelry items look absolutely chic when worn with causal or formal wear. The ethnic beauty associated with these jewelry products enhance the every core of the personality and lends a magical touch to it. There are some other items as well like rugs knifes etc besides jewelry made by these native American Indians that are worth having as souvenirs or the decorative purposes. But the silver jewelry studded with stones is truly an emblem of class and craftsmanship. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: