Musings In Munnar, A Short Trip-splitit

Holidays It is now scientifically established that after a nerve-cracking work of a few months that probably earned you name, fame and money, your body and soul need a break to get replenished. A short sprint into Mother Natures lap is what you need to .e again brimming with new ideas. Just a couple of days into Munnar hill station in Kerala is what the doctor ordered. Great India Holidays has the right short trip to this queen of a Hill Station in Keralas Western Ghats. Once a dense forest but now thinned, this little alcove of peace nestled 1600m above sea level make even the atheists filled with divine awe, for the spectacle from this cool height is so powerful. Once a dense forest, British planters made this set of rolling hills a planters delight. Some 30 odd estates are fanned out across the expanse of the hills. And the sea breezes that constantly caress the hills is filled with the exhilarating scent of tea and cardamom. Driving from Cochin airport to Munnar that take some 4-5 hours itself is an experience. Its something of a .bination of Himalayan ranges, tropical forests and adventure tourism. The hairpin curves, misty surroundings and cloud-kissed hills above and around in the cool ambience brings in you something of queer sense of delight. On reaching the cozy hotel atop the hills the greatindiaholidays arranged, you and your loved ones could drink in the scenery of the hills getting ready for the night rest. How beautiful is it to view the mountains preparing for the night rest! The gradual subsiding of days noise with ascending music of the cicadas and other nightly creatures, the swift change of Natures pyrotechnics on the sky are something that will move even the least romantic and something in your minds retina that will remain etched for life. In the morn you have many places to amble around. Shop at the Munnar town where fresh tea and spices are available which could be excellent gifts for someone you admire. Centurion churches with their ancient chandeliers and rosewood pews, a series of small and medium waterfalls, scouting around the forests or just bicycling around for thrill are all before you. And, by request you could seek a dekko at the Tata Tea Estates hat museumhats of British planters and hunters displayed here. Evening walk in the fringes of forests would be an experience. Forests here are not dangerous. Small creatures take up abode here and the whole ambience is visitor-friendly. Having your favourite drink and imbibing the heady fragrance and surrounding from the balcony of your hotel will fill your heart with not only ideas but love, love of a kind only you can explain. Since it is a short stay, meant to be a much-needed break for freshen mind, it would be ideal for executives and creative people who thrive on ideas and hard work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: