Million floor decoration 1 months store denied the quality problems of deformation yuria

Million floor decoration 1 months on the deformation quality problems recently denied the store, Beilun Ms. Xu is very depressed, the decoration of wood floors spent millions of dollars to buy, can spread more than a month, the floor deformation tilt, contact the factory stores, has no one to come, see this the moving time is coming, Ms. Xu Fannan, how can this do? Reporter Ye Mengming photo paper just installed the deformation of the floor tilt Ms. Xu home Beilun City East District, the reporter saw in her house, living room and dining room floor is deformed tilt, some floors raised or sunken. Ms. Xu said that in late April of this year, she bought a 40 square meters of rich brand solid wood flooring in Ningbo Hengda building materials market, spent $16600. Installation completed, to May, the floor deformation. Ms. Xu contacted the store, the store said, will let the back field view, etc. after reading it. After a few days, the manufacturer of a technical staff came from Huzhou. "The staff first suspected not the problem of humidity under the floor, she was nice. Recommended to fix, let them master a few floors open, but open after use professional tools for measuring humidity, humidity is not found and the problems caused by." Ms. Xu said. It is not because of humidity problems, then the floor deformation? Ms. Xu questioned. I suspect that either the master did not install, or is the quality of the factory floor has been a problem." Ms Xu put forward, I hope businesses can restore the floor well. By June, stores and manufacturers have not sent over, Ms. Xu to the manufacturers and stores are called. The manufacturers also hope that the store can be to both sides to deal with, but a few times, the store has not to deal with the matter." No complaints consultation results help the newspaper Ms. Xu said, the store does not admit that there are quality problems, that is home to ventilation. Ms. Xu said that the house in May on a good decoration, has been in a state of ventilation, because they intend to house this year in October. Ms. Xu told reporters, from the beginning of the end of June, she repeatedly contact the store, but has yet to come to the customer service staff. The master said "has been not empty, we contact the manufacturers, manufacturers said they have commissioned the shop to repair, they don’t go to, let us go route rights." Ms Xu is very helpless, now the floor was also sent to the master open, but the two sides did not send someone to repair, the original house has chosen a plan to move in October, auspicious occasion, so, I am afraid it is difficult to check. Before, I also played 12315 complaints hotline in Ningbo, the results of the other reply is that businesses do not agree to negotiate." Ms Xu said, but she did not call the news hotline. The store promised nearly two days of on-site maintenance in September 21st, Fuyuan floor store owner Mr. Ye accepted an interview with reporters. He explained that the store has been open for more than and 10 years, never because of quality problems by customer complaints, his analysis, Ms. Xu was the result of the tilt floor.相关的主题文章: